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Jan 21 2007

Ridiculous News Media On Litvinenko’s Poisining

Litvinenko was either the victim of an assassination or part of a smuggling effort that was moving Po-210 through London. Investigators have discovered Po-210 at three hotels which were used by Andrei Lugovoi on three trips in October. But the Po-210 was not found in one room (as would be the case with an assassin), […]

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Jan 21 2007

Is Fitzgerald On A Personal Vendetta?

It would seem Fitzgerald should be investigated for lying to the Federal Courts (Appeal Cour and US Supreme Court and whether his obsession with Libby, even in the face of Deputy Sec of State Armitage as the source of the Plame leak, was all an act of a personal vendetta. Two of the prosecutors who […]

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Jan 21 2007

Fly By 01/21/07

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Just a heads up folks, I will be on travel next week so posting will be lighter than usual. Some interesting news out today. The NY Times faces reality on the Libby trial, where the case against Libby hinges on him saying he discussed Plame with NBC’s Tim Russert, who says they never discussed Plame. […]

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Jan 21 2007

Why The Silent Treatment?

Why are

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Jan 21 2007

From The Duh! Files

The news media is all atwitter today that Hillary wants to be President. Well – Duh! Why did she pretend to be a NY resident so she could sit in a Senate seat for so many years and do what again? Think Hillary could stand up to Bin Laden? Think Hillary could keep her notorious […]

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