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Jan 07 2007

Leftwing Idiocy On Terrorism

The leftward fever swamps are an endless source of idiotic statements and conclusions. Included in the leftward swamps it the Council on Foreign Relations – which also could be called the Council on Fantasy Realities. Anyone who has the slightest knowledge of news and history would realize Somalia has not been a nation welcoming of […]

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Jan 07 2007

Israel Doing The Right Thing

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Everyone who keeps saying diplomatic resolve and treating Iran as we did Russia to resolve the nuclear situation there better not start whining now with the news Israel is planning to destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities with tactical nuclear weapons – because this is the essence of MAD: ISRAEL has drawn up secret plans to […]

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Jan 07 2007

US Largest Source Of Missing Polonium-210

The reality of the situation regarding Litvinenko is finally being treated with some seriousness. Litvinenko is an example of what could happen on a massive scale with materials like Po-210 (which is supposedly not controlled by the IAEA like its more infamous cousins Uranium and Plutonium). I speculated just yesterday that the Po-210 that is […]

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