Jan 23 2007

Wonderful SOTU

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Practice does improve the skills. And as Bush delivered his second to the last SOTU it is evident that he has become much better at communicating his vision, while he positions his opponents into untenable positions. I worked froom 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM so this will have to be brief, and no doubt disjointed. But the SOTU was a very uplifting and positive speech and showed the gentleman that is George Bush, our President.

It began with sharing the limelight with our first Madam Speaker in our nation’s history. It was a well deserved and healing reach out to the Democrats. Sadly they will not respond in kind, if the leaks on their response is any indication.

Bush laid out his strategy in such a way it boxed the Democrats into some very, very uncomfortable responses. It began with his noting the Federal Deficit was cut in half three years ahead of schedule, and calling on a balanced budget. That got the Dems to their feet and all excited. Then the jujitsu move was applied. Bush said the budget can be balanced without raising taxes. The democrats sat on their hands. This chess game was played over and over again, with Bush herding the Democrats time and time again into visiually disasterous situations.

But he did not not only box in the dems. He boxed in the Reps as well. Immigration reform without Animosity and without Amnesty was what the country wanted to hear. Those reps against the guest worker program are going have to adjust in order to make the comprehensive package have certain elements they want. But it is coming. If they sit on their hands they will get nothing.

The domestc news was quite good on all fronts – obviously. Our economy his humming along. I enjoyed the proposals on health care (being a small business owner). While the government does have the responsibility to help the poor and elderly, Bush is right that the rest of us want affordable health care, not government run health care.

The judges isssue is going to be fascinating to see, if as I predict, the gang of 14 will rise again to mute partisan obstruction and work solutions.

But by far the best part was the case for Iraq. And this was the most damning imagery for the Dems. Everytime Bush said we had to succeed, we had to win, the Democrats sat on their hands. Even when the reality of our situation was eloquently and fiercely described, the dems preferred worsening security and a new world war eminating from the Middle East. The dems would take that over success. Bush was masterful in using the words of the terrorists to remind everyone that they cannot abide our existence – and say so. It was really well done and was an objective and sober view of the fact we have no easy answers, we have to win. His call on the Dems to pull together as a nation to win this was perfect, especially given what the dems are going to come out as pessimists eager to bring on the new war of civilizations. It was serious and the Dems did not take it seriously.

OK – my freshman Senator from VA is on with the rebuttal. Here comes the doom and gloom. The main points are the economy and the war. The Dems are going to the populist “they make more than me” garbage. Workers want to be rich, not make the rich as poor as them. The class warfare BS is just not going to fly. Funny how the Dems see jobs disappearing with historically low unemployment. With everyone buying up flat screen High Def TVs it is hard to believe the economy is built upon the backs of a majority of workers who are basically ‘poor’.

The war issue is a death knell. Oh geez, they fell for the trap. Iraq a useless war? Not according to Bin Laden. Not according to Zawahiri. While Webb shows us a picture of his dad who had to fight the war in Europe, he ignores the the disaster that we would serve upon us if we lose Iraq. He is basically incoherent. Oh my, another huge mistake. He is now saying those who died in Iraq, died in vain. Kiss the dems goodbye. Everyone (including me) are now switching off.

The Dems NEVER explain how they will avoid the clash with a revitalized al Qaeda now based in Iraq if we give up on Iraq. They owe us all some hard answers on how we can avoid a worsening problem if we lose Iraq. These are our lives they playing games with.

As Bush said, we did not chase al Qaeda out of Afghanistan just to have them set up a better base of operations in Iraq. Given what they accomplished from Agfhanistan, their ability to attack us from an extremist Iraq should frighten any concience being. the dems will not survice 2008 if their plan is to set us back in our war against al Qaeda. Giving Iraq up will not give us peace – it will give us decades of bloodshed and a new world war. If Europa had stopped Hitler before Poland, how many lives would have been saved? Tens of millions. If we ‘redploy’ out of Iraq, if we do not meet OUR commitments to the Iraqis, if we turn tail and run, the Jihadis will be running after us with deadly grins as they prepare to rid this world of ‘the unbelievers’. Dems our on a suicide path. America will not follow. Bush simply needs to remind everyone of what he said tonight over and over and over again, until people start to see the actual product of the democrats plans.

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  1. kathie says:

    Thank you AJ, well said.

  2. PA. TONY says:

    AJ – right on. Home run with bases loaded in the top of the ninth.

  3. Carol_Herman says:

    I agree. And, even more interesting, I was in a local restaurant (in a small town near Pasadena.) There were very few customers. And, then I saw that the speech was on. And, the STAFF were listening, intently.

    And, what came through tonight is that this presidents has guts & vision.

    I know the polls like to show that the president’s numbers are low. What they don’t show is that the congress critters aren’t gaining the public’s respect.

    I have no idea who coined the phrases “silent majority.” And, fly-over country. But the elites haven’t stop hating Bush. It isn’t called “Derangement Syndrome” for nothing.

    And, personally, I’m glad the President put the congress on notice that the country IS divided. A creation from those who have gone after Libby, as well. (And, if you’ve been to Tom McGuire’s site, you’ll see that Theodore Wells, at the outset, has dropped a bombshell. Ari Fleischer told Gregory (the white house correspondent). And, Gregory lied to Russert!

    You can re-create all the “time lines” you want. But the truth is gonna shine through a lot of hyped stink.

    As to attacking the President, which is a non-stop media drill; there comes a point where Americans respond to FAIR PLAY. And, mainstream is good at that. While the elite only have themselves to blame. You can’t sit on stuff when there’s an Internet.

    Tonight? I retrieve news through the Net. I’ll bet this is a growing phenomena; and it cuts out all those who “sell” space on TV.

    I’ve asked WHEN WILL THE TRUTH EVER CATCH UP? But ya know what? You’d think the economics of the changes will also rachet up on the elites. And, their “tenured pals” in Academia.

    While Bush doesn’t “make great speeches.” He hits all the right notes when he talks to People. Just in case you thought Hillary was doing it while she was sitting on the couch. She didn’t even come close! And, Webb is NUTS. I think “his big introduction” is the evening’s disaster.

  4. Mark78 says:


    Still waiting for the MSM to ask the Democrats some tough questions on Iraq like what they think will happen to Iraq if we leave to early and how that makes America safer.

    Utterly irresponsible MSM, utterly irresponsible refusing to ask the Dems tough questions.

  5. Bikerken says:

    I have a few comments, first of all, how many livers does Ted Kennedy really have? Can we start a pool?

    I could swear I heard the president use the phrase,
    “T E M P O R A R Y” Guest worker program. I wanna know who on this planet really thinks that these guest workers are actually going to be temporary. Do you believe that AJ? I really wanna know that. Do you really believe that the intention of this administration is to create a program where temporary workers come here, (after the tedious process of being matched to a taco bell job in Truth or Consequences New Mexico,) and work for a while and go away. I laugh so hard I cry when I visualize a government program that takes the names of tens of thousands of poor unfortunate chinese, indonesians, pakistanis, mexicans, and indians and mathematically matches them to french fry commandoes all over the country because there is nobody else in this county who will take that job? Does anyone on this blog believe that the intention of this program will be to bring low wage workers who are so desperately needed into this county only to turn them around and send them home after a certain length of time, and they will actually leave???? Honestly, I don’t think any of you are all that stupid. I don’t even think that crazy Ken was that stupid! I think that anyone who believes this humongous pile of BS is either a liar or a complete idiot. These people are not going to come here, work and go away!

    And I might ask of Mr. Webb, If you really believe that the economy is such a mess for the working middle class, how can you possibly support the idea of bringing in tens of millions of poor bottom rung mininum wage workers who will only depress the cost of labor far more than it is now?!? And because they will not have jobs that pay good enough to get health care, the public will have to pay for that too!

    The answer to both of these question is obvious, it is all complete BULLSHIT! We are being lied to by both parties because they both see profit in the outcome! Democrats see tens of millions of illegal voters and republicans see billions of dollars worth of cheap labor. It sucks so bad, I could swear the moon is getting closer!

  6. Terrye says:

    I thought Bush did better than he has for awhile. And I admit, I did not even watch Webb. BTW, there were people who thought that what happened in Europe did not concern us either, our oceans would protect us.

    These young men did not die in vain. One less brutal evil dictator walks the earth and Kaddafi gave up his nuclear program. That right there is a lot.

  7. wiley says:

    “Not a precipitous withdrawal …
    … that will in short order allow our combat forces to leave Iraq. ”
    — Sen. Neanderthal Webb

    With Warner’s new “resolution”, I’m embarrassed by both of my state’s (VA) senators. Webb delivered it well, but the sexist buffoon is incoherent, like many on his side of the aisle.

  8. ivehadit says:

    Excellent commentary, A.J. I love this man and am going to miss his so very much come Jan. ’09.

  9. Bikerken says:

    I have a few comments. First of all, how many livers does Ted Kennedy really have? Can we start a pool?

    Did I hear the president use the term, “T E M P O R A R Y” guest worker program? Does anyone here really believe that the intention is to create a program where guest workers will come here, work for a while and go home? Do you believe that AJ? Do you really think that tens of millions of people will come here from all over the world, get settled in with a new McJob, and go home after a while because they said they would? Does anyone on this blog believe that? I think you are all a lot smarter than that. You know damn well that this language is used to create a false impression that these people will not be here for good. It just goes to confirm the fact that the whole idea is based on one big damn lie! I laugh so hard I cry when I visualize the poor person in Pakistan enrolling in the guest worker program. He is so excited because he has landed a spot to be the French fry commando in McDonalds number 4 in Truth or Consequences New Mexico for a year and a half, then he has to go home! Is anyone really buying this crap?!?

    Oh, and Mr Webb, if you really believe that the wages in the U.S. are falling and the middle class is getting screwed, how could you possibly endorse bringing in TENS OF MILLIONS of unskilled laborers who will certainly depress wages and lower the quality of life for all of them as a remedy?!!?

    The answer to these questions are simple. These people are full of SHIT! And they know it!

  10. Bikerken says:

    What’d you do AJ. Cut me off because you couldn’t come up with a legitamate response to a reasonable question? If you did, you’re no better than Ken. Matter of fact, you’re even worse, you pretend to be open minded, Ken made no such pretense.

  11. stevevvs says:

    He had some good moments! He sure had the Dem’s caught on a few things, didn’t he! But I just wish there was more on Iran and Syria.

    Interesting Developements in Charlotte today. After a 1.5 year “Study” the Mayor has released his Immigration Study Commision Report. He is a Bush Cloan on Immigration, but I did find a few interesting items in the report. You can read the whole thing at: http://www.charmeck.org/Departments/Mayor/ImmigrationStudy/Executive+Summary.htm

    Check this out:

    The Mecklenburg County, NC Sheriff’s Office is one of the first Sheriff Department’s to participate in the 287 (g) program and is the only Sheriff’s Office in the nation to check the immigration status of every arrestee brought to the jail. During the first seven months (May 2006 – November 2006) of immigration enforcement, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff has processed 1,986 arrestees not born in the United States, began deportation (removal) proceedings for 935; 68 of which had previously been deported and returned unlawfully, while 55 had outstanding warrants for failing to leave the country after being ordered to do so by the federal Immigration Court.

    Charlotte is home to 1,800 known gang members. Five of the City’s more than 100 known gangs specifically recruit foreign nationals or illegal immigrants of Latino heritage. These gangs recruit people from the countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, and one gang consists of Mexican nationals exclusively.

    In 2005 the U.S. provided work visas and temporary visa status (known as non-immigrant visas, including tourist travelers) to 4.6 million temporary visitors for business, 883,000 temporary workers/trainees and families, and 455,350 Intracompany transferees and families. North Carolina had the 20th highest number of non-immigrant admissions in 2005.


    The Kenan Study at UNC-Chapel Hill highlighted that Hispanics annually contribute about $756 million in taxes (direct and indirect) while costing the state of North Carolina about $817 million annually for K-12 education ($467 million), health care ($299 million), and corrections ($51 million) for net cost to the state of about $61 million.

    Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools consists of students from 130 countries, speaking 94 native languages. In 2006, CMS enrolled 13,307 in the Limited English Proficiency program (9,000 are Spanish speaking), addressing those who have limited to no English speaking skills. The school system has identified that 19,307 students are from families where English is not the native language. CMS estimates that the cost per pupil to educate a student in CMS is $8,198.

    The Federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act of 1986 mandates that hospitals must treat and stabilize anyone who seeks emergency care, regardless of income, insurance, or immigration status. In 1993, the utilization rate of hospitals and clinics by illegal immigrants (29%) was more than twice the rate of the overall US population (11%).

    In 2005, the State’s Medicaid Manager reported that North Carolina illegal immigrants cost the state $52.8 million in Medicaid payments, up from $25.8 million in 2000.

    Carolinas Healthcare System has determined that it takes 17.6% longer to care for a Spanish speaking patient than it does to care for an English speaking patient.

    Department of Motor Vehicles Voter Registration -Study the impact of “Motor Voter” registration to determine if illegal immigrants are registering to vote, which is a violation of U.S. immigration law.

    Just thought this was pretty interesting. After all, Bush mentioed his Comprehensive Immigration plan. And My County, Cabaruss County on Monday did vote to make English the Official language of our County.

    Overall, I wish Bush success in the last two years. We have to stay in Iraq. I wish he would mention that in our country’s History we have never had a war of this magnatude with this FEW Casualties. WWII, around 400,000, Korea, around 40,000, Vietnam, around 58,000. this war, less than 3,100, and ALL Volunteers. I wish this was stressed more! The Historical perspective is Important, don’t you think? Enjoy your evening folks!

  12. AJStrata says:


    Something is wrong with our spam filter, it is now catching all your comments. We will try and keep up on releasing them but I am in meetings. Hopefully we can get a fix today.


  13. Terrye says:


    This stuff about illegal immigration is one of several things that helped the GOP lose in 2006. And while we are on the subject of answering qustions it should be noted that the people who go off the deep end about his never answer questions, they just harass everyone else.

    Bush has been in favor of comprehensive immigration reform and a guest worker program since his days as the Governor of Texas, it is not some big betrayal.

    And speaking of answering questions how do immigration hardliners intend to get their policy through when they do not have the support to do it? How much would it cost? How many peopl would have to be hired and trained and how exactly do you arrest 11 million people and who will do the jobs they are doing in agriculture and some other areas where their labor is really needed?

    The Bush administration has put more people and more resources on that border than any administration in history and there have been millions deported in the last 5 years and here lately there have been more big arrests. But this problem is not going to be solved over night and like it or not there will have to be compromise for any kind of resolution. Otherwise nothing happens.

    Besides, this speech was about other things as well.

  14. ivehadit says:

    Carol, that was a very nice post and easily readable.

    George *was* wonderful.

  15. stevevvs says:

    Neil Boortz had some very good comments on the State of the Union speech, and the Democrates response:

    The first thing I do with a State of the Union Speech is to run search programs on the prepared text. I’m looking for five words: Freedom, Liberty, Security, Democracy and Republic. I don’t count the word “security” when used in the context of “Social Security.”

    Here’s your count:

    Freedom: Three references, and in one of these references the president was actually quoting someone else. In the other two references he spoke of the terrorist fear of human freedom, and of speaking out for freedom in places like Cuba, Belarus and Burma. Not one reference to the role of freedom in our own society.

    Security: Eight mentions. Typical. Two real mentions of freedom, eight of security. This is the way it has been for decades. People like to hear the word security spoken much more than they like to hear about freedom. It’s as if they’re saying “Take care of me! Control me if you need to … but at least take care of me!”

    In one passage bush mentions the establishment of a “democratic Palestinian state living side-by-side with Israel in peace and security.” There was a time when that phrase would be “peace and freedom.” No longer.

    Democracy: Four references to democracy. In one passage he referred to the United States as “a great democracy.” Our founding fathers warned us against the establishment of a democracy. They were very clear in their fear of democracy. Historians of that era loudly warned against the creation of a democracy after the Revolutionary War … but here we are in 2007 listening to the President of the United States referring to us as “a great democracy.” I know that, thanks to government education, not one one hundred people in this country have a clue why our founding fathers abhorred the idea of democracy … and that is no accident.

    Republic: Now this is the type of government our founding fathers established. Not one mention. No surprise there.

    A quick word about my use of the phrase “founding fathers.” The politically correct phrase is now “framers.” We just don’t call them the founding fathers any more. And why not? Well, because “father” is a gender-specific term! It’s clearly sexist to refer to “founding fathers!” Never mind that there are no female signatures on that Declaration of Independence … history means nothing, political correctness means everything.

    We will get into some of the other details of the SOTUS on the show today.

    All in all, and considering the circumstances, President Bush’s speech last night wasn’t bad. It was a serviceable performance for a president whose poll numbers are in the toilet. As for the substance of the speech? About what everyone expected. Really nothing new. Once again he pushed his guest worker amnesty program for illegal aliens, insisting that it wasn’t amnesty. The president said this about the issue: “And we need to resolve the status of the illegal immigrants who are already in our country, without animosity and without amnesty.” Sorry, Mr. President. These people came across our border illegally — they remain here illegally — and they work here illegally — and that makes them criminals. To do anything other than cause them to return from whence they came or to arrest them is amnesty. Give whatever name you want to your program … it’s amnesty.

    Just yesterday authorities in California were arresting illegal immigrants and deporting them as fast as they can. Does the president actually think his plan is going to stop the Mexican invasion? Evidently.

    Bush’s idea for making health insurance premiums tax deductible is interesting, but it won’t go anywhere in a Democrat congress. Why not? Because this Bush plan would increase personal responsibility and could reduce the role of government in the health “insurance” business. Democrats don’t like this. Just watch them. Whenever you see an idea presented to the Democrat congress that would promote individualism or individual responsibility, you will see that plan attacked. The Democrats are dedicated to increasing our dependency on government, not reducing it.


    The Democratic response to the president’s speech last night sure was a real knee-slapper. Now the Left is suddenly worried about Islamic terrorism, concerned about our troops and doing the political backstroke on their surrender plan for Iraq. And Jim Webb was the stooge to deliver it all. Who ever thought the former Secretary of the Navy during the Reagan Administration would be carrying water for Nancy Pelosi?

    Webb whined about how the economy really isn’t that good. He launched into his class warfare routine, complaining about how corporate CEO’s make 400 times the money regular workers do. It really is a tired act. Funny how the economy is doing better than it was 10 years ago, but when Clinton was in office, the Democrats and the media declared it an economic boom. The Big Lie continues.

    Then there was the laughable line about how the president took us to war in Iraq recklessly. Really? Were Hillary Clinton and John Kerry reckless when they voted for the war in Iraq? Somehow that little fact seems to escape critics of the war. The Democrats want the war to end … OK, we get it. But what is their plan for dealing with the violence that will only escalate if we withdraw now? Just sit back and watch it? Have the Democrats completely given up on the idea of actually accomplishing our goal in Iraq?

    Apparently so.


    George Bush and the Democrats were together on one thing last night. Neither would attach the word “Islamic” to the word “terrorism.” Democrat Senator Jim Webb repeatedly used the phrase “international terrorism,” but never identified the terrorists for who they were … Muslims. All of them … Muslims.

    Ditto for Bush.

    Once again, folks … and this really is not all that hard. We are not fighting terrorism. Terrorism is a tactic. The war is against the people using the tactic … Muslims. Islamic fascists. Islamists. Islamic radicals .. jihadists. Call them what you will, but the word “Islamic” is essential when you are identifying the enemy. Neither Bush nor the Democrats have the courage to identify the enemy for what it is.

    How in the hell do these people expect our country to successfully defend itself from Islamic terrorism when we’re so gunched up by political correctness that we won’t even dare speak the name of the enemy?

  16. Bikerken says:

    Overall, I would give the president high marks for this speech, even though I don’t agree with his stance on immigration, I didn’t hear him use the word “Temporary” and the phrase “path to citizenship” in the same speech again. I think even he realized that would have been contradictory. I noticed he didn’t actually mention the “Fence” though. He said something like “investing in infrastructure”. I knew he wouldn’t actually build the fence to begin with.

    I think he made a very good case for the need to win the war in Iraq. He is not the worlds best speaker, but when he talks, you know he believes in what he says. I like that much better than a BS artist who is a smooth talker. I don’t know where he thinks he’s going on enery though. The only way to break our dependency on foriegn oil is to drill for our own. This whole fight about drilling in ANWAR is nothing but political. We have oil in the Gulf and Alaska and we won’t allow ourselves to drill for it.

    I always expect him to be gracious though, I don’t think he has a nasty bone in his body compared to the vitriolic thinly veiled hatred you get from the dems so often. He just isn’t like that. He was very nice to Nancy Pelosi and and all of the Dems and that shows how big of a man he is.

  17. The Macker says:

    Good post. And good comments, all.

    Bush was right to warn of the humanitarian crisis that would follow a “redeployment.” I am not very sanguine with the quislings in congress and the “common” media.

    Bush was right to link the “guestworker” program to the need to reduce the incentive to illegally immigrate.

    Agree with STEVEVVS that the enemy in this war are the jihadists. Confusing the enemy with their tactics has been part of the problem in understanding the war.

    Bush is truly a “certain trumpet.”

  18. Bikerken says:

    Terrye, I’ll answer every question you ask.

    First of all, “This stuff about illegal immigration is one of several things that helped the GOP lose in 2006.” I don’t believe this statement is correct at all, I think the war was the overwhelming issue and polls support that notion. 58% said the war was the biggest issue, the next closest item of concern was in the teens. I might also add that we didn’t loose by that much, 51% is not a hugh loss but still a loss. And if you think that the country is tending to support this amnesty bill, start doing some reading. All around the country, local and state governments are passing laws on there own to curb this problem.

    “Bush has been in favor of comprehensive immigration reform and a guest worker program since his days as the Governor of Texas, it is not some big betrayal.” Do a little reading up on how that’s working out for Texans. They have a real problem down there now. When Bush was governor, it was a small problem, now it is becoming a hugh unweildy problem and Texans are getting real angry. When people crunch the numbers and find out how much this is costing them in social services and crime, it’s a big fat negative!

  19. wiley says:

    Bikerken is correct (AJ & Terrye wrong) about immigration & effect on the elections. Where immigration was a major factor, the winning candidates were all for strict border security. This includes the dems. In many races, the dem candidate went to the right (or at least talked tough) of the repub, thereby making the issue a wash. The drivers for the elections results were the negativity of Iraq & Bush(thanks to the MSM), the dem trumped-up repub corruption, and the MSM-hyped Foley-gate non-scandal scandal.
    If anything, a tougher stance by Bush & repubs in general on illegal immigration — meaning real border security — might have helped turn a few tight races.

  20. Carol_Herman says:

    The President was fine!

    Better yet, the Internet had live bloggers. And, the speech had an audience.

    Pelosi blinked.

    Don’t forget that visuals count. And, the President looked gracious.

    Webb did nothing to advance his party’s position.

    And, congress, if there were a poll, all have lower numbers that this President.

    Can the media manipulate? I think they’ve lost the initiative.

    I think most people are onto the crap that gets dispensed. Many have even stopped receiving newspapers. That means even the coupons no longer attract people “who want something for nothing.”

    And, kids, today, after school, cannot get jobs riding around town delivering news. There are no more Paper Boy jobs. Sometimes, the market place changes, and it’s like trying to recall the last time you rode a bike.

    As to the way a few here think that by agreeing with one another they’re swaying public opinion, I just don’t think so.

    And, I don’t think one man in the White House can cure cancer. Or in any other way turn back all the problems that come flying across our borders. Once, however, our night schools were open. And, adults, to become citizens had to learn to speak English. AND, they had to answer questions about our Constitution. The real breakdowns have been in progress since about 1954. When Eisenhower decided to broaden executive powers; and he added Housing and Education to the Federal system. We were better off when states dealt with this stuff, without looking to the idiots in congress to come up with “cures.” They don’t sell cures.