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Jan 26 2007

US Nabs Top Iranian In Iraq

I’ll just hand this over to Gateway Pundit for the great news: The U.S. ambassador said Wednesday that one of the Iranians detained by U.S. forces in Iraq during two raids over the past month was the director of operations for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Quds faction, the organization responsible for funding and arming Iraqi militants. […]

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Jan 26 2007

A Plant In A Teapot?

The Blotter news blog is claiming that UK Police discovered a critical clue in the Polonium 210 trail that criss-crossed London last fall. But it took over a month after the fateful poisoning for that supposed clue to the death of Alexander Litvinenkp to show up: British officials say police have cracked the murder-by-poison case […]

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Jan 26 2007

Great Stem Cell Plan From Branson

Richard Branson is a business genius. He has stepped right into the controversial stem cell debate and come up with a superb idea: Sir Richard Branson will launch his most controversial business to date as he moves into stem-cell storage and the biotech sector, The Times has learnt. The Virgin-branded company will be launched next […]

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