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Jan 09 2007

Democrats Cave To Al Qaeda

Iraqis are being killed by Al Qaeda and Democrat Senators think they need a reminder of how serious their situation is? Only a Democrat would think the US Senate is more serious than death. Democrats are itching to surrender to Al Qaeda. They were not elected to LOSE the war. Anyone can do that. The […]

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Jan 09 2007

January 15th, Something Happening On Litvinenko

Twice now Andrei Lugovoi has told reporters to wait until after January 15th before trying to get a statment from him. The first mention was here, in a bizarre cameo quote by Lugovoi in regards to the two week holiday period in Russia around Christmas and New Years: “Call me after the 15th,” Andrei Lugovoi, […]

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Jan 09 2007

More Al Qaeda Rolled Up

Update:: Math corrections below – my bad and my apologies. – end update Al Qaeda seems to be taking hits all over the place. First we had the operation in Somalia – per the promise Clinton made to take the war to the terrorists. Now we have

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Jan 09 2007

Bush Finishes Clinton’s Unfinished Job

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It seems George Bush is making good on Clinton’s promises to bring those who bombed our US embassies in Africa to justice. First, Clinton’s unfinished promise from 1998: Following military strikes on a suspected terrorist camp in Afghanistan and an alleged chemical weapons plant in Sudan, the Clinton administration declared that it intends to wage […]

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