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Jan 01 2007

New Year Terror Attacks

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We seemed to have made it through another New Year with few attacks. But there was definitely one in Bangkok, Thailand. Let’s just say I am wondering why someone would go through all the trouble to detinate a bunch of small yield bombs asa supposed terror attack. The other questionable incident is the loss of […]

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Jan 01 2007

The Polonium 210 Trail Reaches America

I am amazed that the Litvinenko story is not getting serious attention in the US or in the Europe. The media is so wedded to the possible assassination angle they have totally ignored the equally plausible, and much more disturbing possibility, of the Dirty Bomb. Ever since I began posting on this story the evidence […]

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Jan 01 2007

US Surpasses 9-11 Deaths

(This previous post is being bumped to today – for obvious reasons) The US has surpassed the number of 9-11 deaths. It accomplished this morbid achievement in less than one month. It did this on the roads and highways of America. In 2001, the year of 9-11, the US saw 42,400 deaths by autombile accidents. […]

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