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Jan 17 2007

Al Qaeda Moving Out Of Baghdad – Now We See Them!

Not much time to blog this but Powerline has a story up that claims US Intel is seeing Al Qaeda flee Baghdad on orders from their regional commander. This is excellent news. It means Al Qaeda has blown their covers, we see them moving and most likely know where they came frome. Red targets all […]

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Jan 17 2007

NSA Eavesdropping Now Court Approved – Permanently

I was wondering how the democrats were going to try and save face on the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP) which is key to our nation’s security. It seems the classic Washington DC bait in switch is being used. I posted extensively on the TSP here since the NY Times blatantly misreported on the program […]

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Jan 17 2007

Update To Russian Terror Threat

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Some recent updates on the Russian terrorism threat and how they are responding and what they are discovering. First source: The committee, headed by Federal Security Service chief Nikolai Patrushev, said Tuesday foreign sources had warned the FSB about a possible terrorist plot to attack ground transport and one of the country’s subway systems. “Information […]

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Jan 17 2007

Silly Democrats

I am definitely in one of my “are there any sane politicians left in the world” moods today. But of course with so many people say so many incredibly silly things it is hard not to be. All the 2008 Presidential contenders seem to be on the ‘who can say the dumbest thing” tour this […]

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Jan 17 2007

Savage Idiocy On MLK Day

Michael Savage is one of the biggest buffoons on the planet. So while I am testing the patience of my conservative readers on immigration, let me go ahead and point out what is absolutely wrong with elements of the political right – they are mean and ugly and unworthy of being included in the Reagan […]

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Jan 17 2007

What Al Qaeda Threat?

The anti-war crowd have one wobbley crutch to stand on with their “surrender Iraq at any cost” attitude. They minimize and dismiss the Al Qaeda threat (which I must point out to the Reps is much more important than punishing workers without proper papers – hint) in order to pretend handing Iraq to Al Qaeda […]

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Jan 17 2007

Note To Republicans: You Can Stay In The Minority

I have a message to Republicans who want to punish people who are trying to make a living and simple do not have the forms to do so. Like the lack of any other license, the penalties for not supplying paperwork usually are fines and probation. Illegal workers are not felons (note to Reps, you […]

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Jan 17 2007

Note To Democrats: Get Serious

I was perusing RCP headlines and noticed this comment from a liberal “Note to Obama Skeptics: This Is Not a Fad”. Well note to Democrats, get serious.

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