Jan 25 2007

In This To Win

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While Congress cries “uncle” to al Qaeda and whines “make it stop!” about a war they barely understand from their overstuffed chairs in DC, our heroic military is going all out to win this thing.

Mortar blasts thundered across central Baghdad on Wednesday as Iraqi and US forces fought insurgents in a Sunni bastion, after US President George W Bush pleaded for public support for his new security plan.

Iraqi and US troops backed by Apache helicopter gunships kicked off “Operation Tomahawk Strike 11” on Haifa Street, Iraq’s defence ministry said.

The Sunni Arab bastion was the site of three previous battles this month including one on January 9 that involved 1 000 US and Iraqi troops and in which Iraqi defence sources said 50 insurgents were killed.

On Wednesday, a steady barrage of machine-gun and mortar fire echoed for around three hours, followed by a lull and then sporadic fire by both light and heavy weapons.

America is not the home scared and the whining. It is the home of The Free and The Brave! And no spineless politician will ever remove that trait from this land. Time to clean house. If Democrats want to surrender – start by stepping down and showing how serious you are. If you want to lose, give up your seats, set an example. Give up your power first as a demonstration of how it is a good thing to succumb to the opposition.

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  1. pagar says:

    The question remains, how soon do you want to sell out your own country?
    No one expects a Democrat president to defend America. If the Democrats had any interest in defending America, there is no way they could have nominated John Kerry to be their candidate for US President. During the 2004 election, there was one Democrat said he would defend America. The democrat party ran a American leftist terrorist supporter against him. However, Sen Leiberman found a way to win anyway, so today there is one Democrat in the Senate who stands with America.
    After watching the effort to destroy any American who says they will defend America, I can understand why we’re not seeing a strong
    Republican candidate step forward. However, the facts are clear,
    anyone who has any desire to see America survive as a great nation will not vote for the Democrat candidate for President in 2008. The Democrat position is already known, it is surrender.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    I have talked to the troops there.

    We have reduced our rules of engagement to a hard slap across the face.

    God save us from that PC.

  3. missvotingforreagan says:

    There attacks on us started in the 80’s. They continued on our shore in 1993. Then President Clinton essentially ignored this warning. What is interesting is that in 1998 Hussein ordered the UN inspectors out of Iraq and our leadership did nothing. No one was ever given a reason why he did so, but looking back it is not too difficult to figure out.

    My own opinion is they realized a retaliation for what they would do and since Hussein has been a target in the past he could be again thus things that were in his country he did not want found were moved. The plotters did not know, or more likely did not care, who would lead this country has their plans went ahead. One more test though with the attack against the USS Cole. No doubt to test our leadership and resolve and history bears out what did not happen again with President Clinton.

    George Bush was elected life went on when we were again attacked on our shore. They were not prepared for what hit them. We are still attacking their ability to organize and plan has they had done. President Bush has resolve. Let’s only hope it will continue when he leaves office.

  4. ivehadit says:

    Steve, we are in this global WOT fight FOR HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES.
    You got a problem with that?

    The last thing we needed after we ran AlQ out of Afghanistan was to have Saddam welcome them with open arms…And we sure as hell don’t need them blackmailing us with Iraqi oil.

    What part of absolute horrific times we are living in, don’t you understand?

    Is it because George W. Bush has been so brilliant at keeping our economy strong as hell, especially when it was blasted on 9/11/01, that you don’t see how much this enemy wants us defeated? This is a religious war. It is centuries old. And it is seeking our annihilation.

    ANNIHILATION. Look it up.

    I, for one, will not indulge in grandiosity as so many in Germany did in 1938…nor the hubris of 1973.

    You, sir, imho, have learned nothing from history.