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Jan 15 2007

24 Season Premier, 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM Open Thread

The second two hours of the premiere of 24 was truly rivetting. To me the most jarring moment was when Jack had to kill Curtis. Again, we see the up-until-now prime example of a good American taken over by vengeance and hate. Consumed to the point of endangering everyone else. I cannot help but see […]

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Jan 15 2007

Sad News On The Polonium 210 Trail

We had heard earlier reports that Kovtun’s ex-wife, partner and her two children had been cleared of Po-210 poisoning. It seems those reports were premature: In the poison spy case the focus is now moving to Germany … where four people have been confirmed contaminated with polonium-210, the substance used to kill the former KGB […]

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Jan 15 2007

The Russians Are Coming To London

In the continuing saga of the Litvinenko poisoning by Polonium-210 it seems the Russian investigators will be travelling to London to sit in on some more interrogations related to the Po-210 smuggling and Litvinenko death (which some believe was an assassination while others, like myslef, believe it was an accident in handling the very dangerous […]

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Jan 15 2007

You’re In The Army Now

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One thing people forget (as a growing part of the population becomes totally disconnected from military service – and much of reality) is that when you sign up you sign over a lot of your privacy. As do many of us who hold clearances. People worried about Uncle Sam knowing how much money you have […]

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Jan 15 2007

24 Season Premier, 6:00 AM – 8:00 AM Open Thread

LJStrata and I are avid 24 fans and awaited with great anticipation the start of “Day 6”. I find it truly interesting (and very helpful to our society’s current debates) that this season’s threat is terrorists. There are arguments on both sides of every aspect of the ongoing real world debate reflected in the show […]

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