Jan 24 2007

Fitzgerald’s Folly

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Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald opened his case against Libby with the blessed ignorance of one with no clue he is in over his head. The opening remarks were telling. Fitzgerald is claiming Libby lied about the outing of Valerie Plame, when in fact Fitzgerald lied and submitted false claims to courts saying he needed to go investigate who leaked Plame’s identity to Novak – when he knew all the time it was Armitage. Fitzgerald also knows that for someone who was supposedly on a mission to expose Plame to reporters, Fitzgerald only discussed the matter with two of the many, many reporters he talked to during that period. Hardly a sign of someone on a mission to out Mrs Wilson (who we will find out outted herself as back-up source to Joe Wilson’s claims Bush used knowingly forged documents). And it is in the record both reporters were investigating the story and probably knew about Plame already. We know Judith Miller had contacted Joe Wilson before meeting Libby and had a variation of Plame’s name in her notes beforehand. And Matt Cooper has been caught providing contradictory statements (aka perjury). Libby was consistent in his mis-recollections. This will be an interesting case.

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  1. Snapple says:

    Libby’s own lawyers do not seem to be making your argument.
    I heard briefly on the news that they are saying that Libby is being set up to take the fall to protect Carl Rove.

    How do you explain that?

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    Well, some day, someone will put a tape together of David Gregory. WHO KNEW FROM ARI FLEISCHER that Plame was both Wilson’s wife, and the instigator who sent him (without due paperwork, even), to Niger. To sip tea.

    Smear campaigns are nothing new. Israel has TWO going on right now! And, Katsav, and Iranian born Israeli, will not step down from the Presidency; as the media has been screaming it wants. Haim Ramon’s election has also been trashed by the media. Where people who didn’t win elections, see the advantages of using “dirty tricks.” I mention this. Because it’s something COMMON TO DIRTY POLITICS. And, now “common” to a lying news media, as well.

    Fitzgerald carries the ball further than Earle and Nifong. And, further than the AP and Reuter’s.

    While it seems, when the jurors were questioned, many of them democraps; had believed “Libby outed Plame.” When this isn’t even being charged.

    I don’t know if Fitzgerald is over his head. Or not. Don’t forget Martha Stewart went to jail on FAKE CHARGES; and she had a female black judge. Plus, real NYC idiots sitting on her jury. But she was her own worst enemy. She hired an incompetent lawyer. Who couldn’t even control the clothes she wore to court. UNPREPARED. And, then? She decided she’s got this “conviction.” And, an anklet. Hungry lawyers thought she’d fight all the way to the Supreme Court. But she fooled the lawyers. Withdrew her money from the table. AND, DOESN’T CARE.

    Ken Lay, by the way, dying in a hurry (before jail), wiped his own slate clean of charges. And, his estate belongs to his family. Not to lawyers.

    Someday? Let’s hope people recognize lawyers don’t bring justice. And, they never brought any of us anything but more expensive medical care. GET RID OF THE LAWYERS FROM MATTERS WHERE THEY WANT TO AFFECT POLITICS. And, the costs of medicine. And, we will be on the road to recovery. As to the media? They’ve been the fodder that’s helped the Internet bloom.

  3. dennisa says:

    Snapple: Libby’s lawyers are trying to protect their client. If they can get him acquitted by arguing he’s a sacrificial lamb, they’ll do it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he is a scapegoat. Now, if they can prove Rove was running a campaign to use Plame to discredit Wilson, that’s a different story.

  4. Carol_Herman says:

    Nope, Theodore Wells CANNOT convict Rove! That frog-march song and dance was only in Fitzgerald’s court. And, now it’s too, too late.

    From what I’ve been reading on Tom McGuire’s JUST ONE MINUTE blog, is that clarice, and everyone else is RELAXED. And, Fitzgerald has failed to avoid “THE BOMB TEST.”

    Walton’s also letting some things through the gate (because Wells isn’t calling for “objections.”) … That clearly run counter to the case Fitzgerald said he’d try. “SMALL CASE.” With the larger stuff never even brought to the indictment table.

    Also, today, Walton SAID to the JURORS that the MEDIA LIES. That what they’ve read or heard, so far, on this case, is all BULL SHIT.

    So the judge is onto something. How well he digests Fitzgerald’s hokum? I have no idea! Can’t wait for the day Judith Miller shows up and is a witness. (She got FRAMED into jail! Fitzgerald LIED TO THE JUDGE on that one!)

    And, I’ll make a bet. You can be a liar’s liar. But if a judge catches you at it, you can kiss your case GOOD-BYE. If not that the judge ALSO won’t blow up your entire GOOD BOY network, as he goes for your ass. But so far? It’s just my bet. And, the case, itself, is dynamite to follow at JUST ONE MINUTE. The services provided by the Net are astronomical! Who ever thought strangers talking would be so influencial on us all?

  5. Snapple says:

    Thanks for your opinion Dennisa.

  6. Bikerken says:

    I think Libby’s lawyers are taking a dangerous gamble here. Libby’s defense all along has been that he has done nothing wrong, he and many people were logically talking about Joe Wilsons mission to Niger because it had some very unusual factors to it, such as him not signing a non-disclosure agreement. That in itself is highly unusual and is definitely going to generate a lot of discussion when he comes out and tells a baloney story to the NYT. So it is not far fetched at all that the topic of who sent him there to begin with would come up in conversation, especially because he said it was the VP’s office who ordered it. Don’t you think the people in the VP’s office would be looking at each other saying, “I didn’t send him, did you send him?” To find out the trip was suggested by his wife would definitely be something for discussion. So it would be totally logical that Libby, VP Chief of Staff would not only have heard it but probably mentioned it to people along the way. And for those of you who have never worked close to military, government, or law enforcement, the fact that somebody works for the CIA is not really a big deal. In and around DC, there are tons of people who do, the question is usually, “do you work for the company or the agency?” and everybody knows what that means. So it doesn’t come as any surprise to me that Libby would have had very many of these conversations.

    Where I think his defense team is making a hugh mistake, is by insinuating that there really was a plot to out Valerie Plame and Rove was a part of it and Libby was just a scapegoat. If this is what they are doing, this is monumentally stupid in front of an already bias suspicious DC jury. It looks to me, and I hope to god that I am wrong, that they are trying to say, yes, indeed a crime was commited but our guy didn’t do the worst of it. If they go down that road, he will be convicted sure as hell and wrongly I might add.