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Oct 25 2005

Not Good For Wilsons – Great For WH

Drudge is reporting that Fitzgerald has decided to go back and ascertain whether the WH could be the only valid sources for leaking Plame’s employer – the CIA. Fitzgerald is supposedly questioning neighbors. Drudge links to this article capturing the fact that Valerie’s CIA job was not a huge secret at the time of the […]

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Oct 25 2005

Devastating The Left On Iraq

Folks, let’s recall that Iraq is now a democratic ally of the US and Saddam is on trial for his brutal crimes against humanity. The Joe Wilson’s and rogue CIA know-it-alls who said we would never see a democratic Iraq are now proven fools. And let’s also recall that Saddam was not trustworthy, was obsessed […]

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Oct 25 2005

Update On Niger Docs In Plame Game

Rick Moran had commented on an earlier post of mine that WINPAC would not be happy that Fitzgerald was looking into the Niger documents – because his recollection was they had something to do with the initial confirmation of the Niger Intel. I give Rick credit for a pretty darn good memory – including the […]

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Oct 25 2005

Steele-ing The Senate!

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YES! I have been waiting on some good news in the Senate races and finally we have some. Powerline is reporting Michael Steele will run for Senate in Maryland. My prediction is he will win. Great news!

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Oct 25 2005

DJ Drummond On Miers

Suffice to say the Miers nomination has definitely cleaved the conservative movement into two camps. I have laid off the subject because I have said all I need to say – the nomination will probably end in confirmation, and those who jumped to conclusions before all was known are not deserving of a lot of […]

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Oct 25 2005

Poll Soon To Be Reversed

In what will be nearly has impressive as the “Dewey Wins” polling fiasco, we have a new poll out, just before the news broke that Iraq is now a democratic state, that shows a strong majority of Americans feel the war was wrong. Does anyone think Americans will say it was better to keep Saddam […]

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Oct 25 2005

Iraqis Have A Democracy!

Well, to all those who said it couldn’t be done – consider yourselves on permanent ignore. Iraq has a constitution and elections will be held in December! Way to go George Bush, and all who stayed by his side. An we can never thank our military men and women enough for sacrificing and risking everything […]

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Oct 25 2005

RINO Sightings!

The Raging RINOs have been sited over Louisiana Libertarian, and are they tearing up the place! Please go check out what all the fuss is about. Yes, I know the link is not working – try the main page and scrolling down. Look for rhinos!

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Oct 25 2005

Plaming Around

UPDATE III: I should have just written ‘what he said’.. (Tom Maguire) END UPDATE: UPDATED Links at the end! (yes, way down there..) I am still stunned at the incredibly poor reporting on the Plame Game and key facts of this case. Seems that when the press is part of the story, they apparently are […]

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