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Oct 09 2005

Banned From Redstate

Welcome CJR readers! I hope you take the time to explore the site a bit. In addition to my spat with Redstate, you may also want to check out my latest post on Miers here, plus I have accumulated quite a few earlier posts here. I sincerely hope you find the visit worth our while. […]

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Oct 09 2005

Count Me A DogFaced Loyalist

Ed Morrissey has a great article out today in the Washington Post’s Outlook section. He sees the Miers nomination the way I do in many respects. The president’s surprise pick to replace Sandra Day O’Connor has ignited a massive debate among his former loyalists, especially in the blogosphere, where I spend a fair amount of […]

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Oct 09 2005

Able Danger, A New Voice Speaks! 10/09/05

Lo and Behold! We have a new voice speaking on the subject of Able Danger – someone never before heard from: Rep. Curt Weldon, Pennsylvania Republican, correctly asserts the terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001, could have been averted. The assertion was based on his efforts as early as 1999 to create a […]

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