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Oct 23 2005

Plame Game Legal Timeline

UPDATE: Well, Tom did find an error in my timeline and I am truly grateful he took the time to read the post and email me a correction. Tom – I greatly appreciate it! The error was regarding the CIA’s annoyance about a memo and Plame’s role in sending Joe Wilson to Niger. Here is […]

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Oct 23 2005

I Oppose Jumping To Conclusions

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NZ Bear has a site up for bloggers to take a stand on Miers. He needs to add the ever important stand of opposing those who jump to conclusions before they have firm information. I oppose opposing prior to hearings. Where is the “I support Bush and Miers until I have firm information otherwise” or […]

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Oct 23 2005

The Genesis Of Plame Game

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I have had serious doubts about any indictments heading towards high level Bush administration officials since the law and evidence don’t stack up. My assessment was the only indictable offenses supported by law and evidence was all the leaking of details about Wilson’s Niger trip and the peripheral […]

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