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Oct 22 2005

Dietrich Snell, 9-11 & Able Danger

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UPDATE: Top Dog has a post relating how Snell did not work for Gorelick but for Zelikow. END UPDATE In a today’s Fly By I mentioned the supposed link between Deitrich Snell and Jamie Gorelick. Capt Ed Morrissey came out confused that no such link was readily apparent. Well one might be. Deitrich Snell may […]

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Oct 22 2005

Miller Implicates Kristof

Pete Yost and the rest of the MSM have such serious tunnel vision on the Plame scandal they have lost all powers of observation and reasoning. To establish the basis for this first we must remember that Kristof was the first person to write about the Wilsons, and he let slip that his sources were […]

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Oct 22 2005

Fly By 10/22/05

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey is rightfully questioning whether Snell was associated with Gorelick. We should know for sure this is the case before tagging Snell with Gorelick. Does anyone have a solid link? Otherwise I am withdrawing this claim.] More at Big Lizzards Blog – which appears to be on the fence. END UPDATE As one […]

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