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Oct 04 2005

Socialist Strike Over Failed Economy

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You have to chuckle that France is being brought to its knees by workers all upset that the socialist economy they demand is such a dismal failure. French commuters faced serious travel disruptions from a one-day nationwide strike that was also expected to ground hundreds of flights from Paris’ two main airports. … Five of […]

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Oct 04 2005

In Plame Sight

I find it hard to understand why so many following the Plame/Wilson grand jury can’t connect the dots. Powerline has a post the confirms what I have been saying forever, Miller is hiding other ‘sources’ of information. In the words of Miller attorney Floyd Abrams: ABRAMS: We couldn’t have had the same deal. Indeed, in […]

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Oct 04 2005

Ronnie The Clown

How is it a rogue prosecutor, who is so delusional he believes he is on a mission from God to purge money from politics, can abuse our legal system and crank out crack pot indictments against a national leader? In Ronnie The Clown’s first act he indicted Tom DeLay on bogus conspiracy charges related to […]

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Oct 04 2005

Conservative Meltdown Over Miers

UPDATE: I was trying to write this comment on this site and it was saying so much clearer what I wanted to say in this post I decided to add it as an update. This is all inside baseball and egos to boot. To believe Bush made the wrong pick assumes either he is stupid, […]

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Oct 04 2005

New Orleans, Nagin’s Disaster

I posted earlier on how Nagin and Blanco made some abysmal decisions early on which assumed the city’s levees would weather the storm. This was not necessarily wrong, until of course they did fail and they never adjusted their responses. Nagin called for evacuations way too late and did not full evacuate people beyond the […]

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