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Oct 28 2005

For Not Leaking, Libby Indicted

Folks, do you understand what Fitzgerald has done? It is clear that Libby Fitzgerald and the White House had traced down who Wilson was and how his wife had pushed him for the trip (which was clearly against the desires of the intel community). It was all in response to the Kristof and Pincus articles […]

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Oct 28 2005

Fitzgerald Speaks..

Yes, I will probably live blog the news conference at 2:00 PM – but this is just silly to spend a lot of time on. Check back here, I will append it to this post. No promises on depth of analysis, I am truly stunned and how lame this is. Keep scrolling – I am […]

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Oct 28 2005

T Plus 23 Minutes

Documents still not out CNN is reporting.

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Oct 28 2005

T Plus 5 Minutes

And nothing on the website. Guess the media is more important than we the people. I’ll keep checking back.

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Oct 28 2005

T Minus 5 Minutes…

And counting. I am not sure how this doucment release will happen. If it is over the website then I will need time to look over the documents. Typically I live blog while I read. We’ll see. If it goes to the media first then we have to wait for the elites to translate and […]

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Oct 28 2005

T Minus 60 Minutes…

The reports coming out seem more and more firm about a Libby indictment – but an indictment that is so ridiculous it begs the question of why bother. Libby’s notes say he learned of Valerie from a meeting with Cheney, he said he thought he heard of her from reporters. He did here about her […]

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Oct 28 2005

T Minus 2 Hours…

And counting. At 12 noon eastern time the paperwork will be released in the Fitzgerald probe with his news conference scheduled for 2:00 PM. The special counsel investigating the leak of a covert CIA operative’s identity will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. EDT on Friday to discuss the status of the probe, his […]

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Oct 28 2005

The Council Has Spoken!

This week’s selections of the best posts by the Watcher’s Council have been announced and here they are. In the Council Category the winner is Syria and the Hariri Conspiracy by Right Wing Nut House, with second place going to Don’t Secret Cabals Have To Be… Well… Secret? by The Sundries Shack. In the non […]

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Oct 28 2005

Fly By 10/28/05

Happy Birthday Dad! 84 years young today. He is where I get my WVA roots. WW II veteran of the North Atlantic, Invasion of Africa and Pacific Campaign. I see now I will never fill your shoes. But I am proud to walk behind them. Hugh Hewitt has an Op-Ed in the NY Times pointing […]

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Oct 28 2005

End This Plameness

Well, we have now to only wait and see if the NY Times has finally learned to report leaks accurately… My post on the news which broke late last night is below. Needless to say I am not keen on what might be about to happen to our justice system. We appear to be getting […]

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