Oct 25 2005

Iraqis Have A Democracy!

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Well, to all those who said it couldn’t be done – consider yourselves on permanent ignore.

Iraq has a constitution and elections will be held in December!

Way to go George Bush, and all who stayed by his side. An we can never thank our military men and women enough for sacrificing and risking everything to make this happen. Ignore the naysayers and wormtongues who will dismiss this great event – this is an historic achievement. We will be forever in your debt.


Captain Ed Morrissey comments on the news here.

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  1. Larwyn says:

    GW on now talking about Iraq.
    Some pretty good lines.

    “target Nations whose behavior they can change thru acts of

    It is great that he continues to put Communism front and center.
    Lots of Americans probably have not idea what he is talking about
    thanks to the NEA et al. And Cuba’s not so bad.

  2. Becoming a Beacon

    It is nothing short of astounding what has transpired halfway across this planet.

    BAGHDAD, Iraq — Iraq’s landmark constitutional was adopted by a majority of voters during the country’s Oct. 15 referendum, election officials said Tuesday.

  3. […] Folks, let’s recall that Iraq is now a democratic ally of the US aned Saddam is on trial for his brutal crimes against humanity. The Joe Wilson’s and rogue CIA know-it-alls who said we would never see a democratic Iraq are now proven fools. […]