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Oct 05 2005

The Miers Test For Pundits

As anyone reading my Miers posts know I am not impressed by the emotional backlash from the conservative punditry. I have explained my reasoning here and here – and feel vindicated that the outburst is isolated to those too close to the issues because of this poll. But regardless of all this, a simple test […]

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Oct 05 2005

Poll Shows Miers Support

Mark Coffey has linked to a poll which is great new for Miers and Bush, and a clear warning to conservative, whining pundits that are wringing their hands over Miers: Asked to rate Bush’s nomination of Miers, 44 percent of those polled described it as excellent or good, while 41 percent said it was fair […]

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Oct 05 2005

Insurgency Scraping Bottom Of Barrel

The Iraq insurgency is running out of resources and is scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to keep their movement alive: The U.S. military has encountered a new type of Sunni insurgent — a largely untrained teenage foreigner. Many such insurgents come from Saudi Arabia and Yemen as well as from such North African […]

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Oct 05 2005

Iran & Al Qaeda

Even for liberals the following dots should be easy to connect – there are only two dots: Iraqi Al Qaeda = Iran For those who need some assistance you can find it here: Iran was today accused by Britain of supplying Iraqi insurgents with the technology and explosives to kill its soldiers in the south […]

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Oct 05 2005

Mullah Omar Ratted Out, Jihadis Divided

I posted yesterday that the capture of the Taliban spokesperson would begin to lead to the capture of Mullah Omar. Apparently the spokesman’s gift for gab has not abbated as he rats out Mullah Omar. A detained Taliban spokesman has told his interrogators that the militia’s fugitive chief, Mullah Mohammed Omar (search), is hiding in […]

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Oct 05 2005

Miers & Ending The Partisan War

While I have spent most of my life following the partisan wars, that began with Clinton’s election and continued into the 2004 election cycle, I like many have begun to tire of the zero sum game being played out. And not because I am quitting, but because I think conservatives are winning – if not […]

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Oct 05 2005

Call To Coalition of The Chillin’

REMINDER!! Bumped to top Coalition members, the selection of Harriet Miers for US Supreme Court Justice has once again split the conservative base between the moderate middle and uncompromising right. This rift threatens to split a coalition built on mutual respect for minor differences, all aimed towards common goals. When one partner stretches beyond what […]

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Oct 05 2005

Fly By 10/05/05

For those looking for an update on Miers, what I said yesterday still applies today – nothing new except the depth of denial by pundits who think they are President. Anyone is welcome to join the Carnival of The Chillin’ on this subject, which should be out tomorrow. My prediction is that in the end […]

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Oct 05 2005

Able Danger, Senate Report, 10/05/05

Rowan Scarborough has a story out today in the Washington Time which claims the Senate Intelligence Committee will be producing a summary report on Able Danger in the coming weeks: The Senate Intelligence Committee has taken closed-door statements in an inquiry that could clear up whether the intelligence program Able Danger identified September 11 hijacker […]

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Oct 05 2005

The Council Has Spoken!

A belated acknowledgement to the winning posts for September 23rd, 2005. My apologies to all for not posting these at the time. The winner in the council category goes to The Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild, and Wacky World of Cindy Sheehan by Right Wing Nut House, with second place going to The Lunatic Fringe by […]

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