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Oct 01 2005

Able Danger, Round Up, 10/01/05

The administration clamp down on Able Danger seems to continue apace – giving this near dead story a new lease on life. First is this story that not only was Shaffer’s clearances revoked, and not only was he told not to testify in open hearings, but he may also have been told not testify in […]

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Oct 01 2005

The Council Has Spoken!

This Watcher’s Council has selected the best posts for this week. In the Council category first place went to ‘Witches’ Brew at the UN’ by Gates of Vienna, and second place went to ‘Being Normal’ by New World Man. In the non-council category the winner was ‘You Say You Want a Revolution?’ by Villainous Company, […]

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Oct 01 2005

Fly By 10/01/05

UPDATE: I just got through my list of stories I wanted to add and learned of this new Bali bombing. The terrorists are losing the PR game and are now trying intimidation. The problem is, who in this world wants to allow a nation state to come into existence which sends suicide bombers when it […]

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