Oct 25 2005

DJ Drummond On Miers

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Suffice to say the Miers nomination has definitely cleaved the conservative movement into two camps. I have laid off the subject because I have said all I need to say – the nomination will probably end in confirmation, and those who jumped to conclusions before all was known are not deserving of a lot of consideration in the debate.

DJ Drummon at Polipundit has been a sound and measured voice in all this, and today he posts a very interesting perspective that is similar to my own. And since I am briefly mentioned in the post, I want to extend a sincere thanks to DJ for considering my views worthy of mention.

The important thing to remember is Bush backs this nominee and the base outside DC backs Bush.


DJ points out what I have been saying for sometime: the anti-Miers crowd called for a conservatice civil war without anything but wild stories and no evidence. This has resulted in Bush digging in and the base rallying to Bush and Miers. Well, to compound their mistakes the anti-Miers crowd are planning to attack Bush and Miers over the air waves. Well, it’s their political suicide I guess.

David Frum is leading this charge, and I think it is about time he is called to answer about his motives. He needs to address the real possibility he is on some personal vendetta against Ms. Miers because he had some ‘issues’ with her when he was at the White House. So David – come clean. What was your relationship to Miers and did you ever have a confrontational run in with her because she was editing your speeches?

I am not saying he is – but his own words make it hard to make the case he is not. He too deserves to have his say and some benefit of the doubt. But given what he has said in the past, the conservative base deserves some answers before we go into battle with our fellow conservatives.

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