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Oct 07 2005

Al Qaeda and Iraq Part III

The news surrounding the NYC subway bomb threat continues to shred the argument that we need to get out of Iraq as fast as the members of the plot are being rounded up: The investigation into an alleged plot to bomb the city’s subway moved forward on several fronts Friday as a third suspect was […]

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Oct 07 2005

Kilgore Is Surging

Jerry Kilgore just received a whole host of endorsements that represent a building momentum: Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce NOVABizPAC Northern Virginia Technology Council PAC National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) Associated Builders and Contractors PAC Virginia Association of Realtors Virginia Fraternal Order of Police Virginia Police Benevolent Association Law Enforcement Alliance of America National […]

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Oct 07 2005

Iraq and Al Qaeda, Part II

I may have to start numbering all the revelations that beating Al Qaeda is now tied to our success in Iraq. First, we discover a plot to have 19 suicide bombers try and attack the NYC subway system through the capture of three terrorists in Iraq. And now the US obtains an agreement from Bin […]

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Oct 07 2005

Fly By 10/07/05

For all the hand wringers out there concerned about the Miers nomination and what kind of judge Bush picked, all you need to do to calm your nerves and halt the infighting is ponder this page… Relax already. Rush Limbaugh made one of the dumbest comments I have ever heard yesterday when commenting on Miers. […]

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Oct 07 2005

Plame, Miller, Fitzgerald

I have come to really respect Tom Maguire while we and Captain Ed followed the apparently disappearing Able Danger story. I know he is the expert on the documentation trail of the Plame investigation and issue. But I still tend to have a tangential theory as to where all this is going – and I […]

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Oct 07 2005

The Council Has Spoken!

This week’s winners in the Watcher’s Council for best posts have been selected! In the Council Category the best post was LGF Spots the Gilded Cage by Gates of Vienna, while second place went to On Harriet, Hurt, and a Huffy by The Sundries Shack. In the non-Council Category first place went to Lessons From […]

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