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Oct 21 2005

Able Danger, China and DIA 10/21/05

After Curt Weldon’s blistering attack on the DIA and tried to find out who was deputy director during those years. While I have not found that information (yet) I did find out a few things. First off, the DIA Deputy Director position is a civilian position and possibly an appointee – and that would make […]

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Oct 21 2005

Fly By 10/21/05

For those looking for recent transcripts relating to Able Danger and Curt Weldon !QT Monster has the transcript of Weldon on Sean Hannity’s radio show yesterday and on Rush Limbaugh’s show. The Plame News is typical: the media drooling over the possibility that Rove or Libby or more could be indicted. This NYTimes piece runs […]

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Oct 21 2005

The Council Has Spoken!

The Watcher’s Council has selected thier weekly round up the best posts and here are the results. In the Council Category the winner is A Sketch History of U.S. Military Bases in the Middle East: The Overthrow of Mossadegh by The Glittering Eye, with second place going to The Counterterrorism Blog Looks Into the Face […]

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