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Oct 10 2005

Forrester Has Corzine On The Ropes

There is some good news tonight! Alexander McClure at Polipundit posted the link a Marist Poll showing a dead heat (44%-43% Corzine). I still think we will see two state Governships go to the Reps this year, as I predicted earlier.

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Oct 10 2005

RINO Sighting!

Those Ragin RINOs are at it again! This time they have been sighted over at The Enviromental Republican. Make sure to check out what the fuss is all about.

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Oct 10 2005

Checkmate In Plame Game

I have long maintained that Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson and Plame’s CIA cohorts were the true targets of the Fitzgerald investigation. My take on the possible events that would warrant charges for divulging classified material is presented here, while my reasoning on why these are the only real possible targets is here. Well Mac at […]

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Oct 10 2005

Where Are They Now? Scott Ritter

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Mark In Mexico brings up to date on the sad travels of one Scott Ritter and his current ravings: Scott Ritter, child molester, compares President Bush and Prime Minister Blair to nazis. Well, that is an improvement from his previous hobby….

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Oct 10 2005

Anti-Miers, But Pro Clinton?

Well I have to hand it to those anti-Miers types (like our friends at Redstate who find it normal to insult those they disagree with), they sure are an impressive crowd. With nothing but speculation and hypotheticals, they have discerned that Harriet Miers must be stopped at all costs. And in the Senate, their allies […]

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Oct 10 2005

Terrorists After Our Children

MAJOR UPDATE: This is looking more and more serious with the discovery of a Improvised Explosive Device (yep, an IED) at UCLA today. A calm and quiet Westwood was briefly disrupted Friday afternoon when the Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad inspected and detonated an explosive device found within the Midvale Plaza apartment complex on […]

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Oct 10 2005

Dumb Liberal Tricks

Carl Levin has come out today in a Washington Post commentary piece with what has to be the dumbest idea on the planet to win the peace in Iraq. As the Iraqi people prepare to vote on a new constitution Saturday, the political situation in that country is highly unstable. There are troubling signs of […]

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Oct 10 2005

Conservatives Losing Base Over Miers

Well, the chattering class and those ‘unique’ Republican Senators are rapidly losing touch with the base over Miers. What should have been an easy nomination for a gifted and well rounded woman has turned into a disaster for the conservative movement. The Washington Times does a great job today pointing out the rift between President […]

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