Oct 22 2005

Fly By 10/22/05

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Ed Morrissey is rightfully questioning whether Snell was associated with Gorelick. We should know for sure this is the case before tagging Snell with Gorelick. Does anyone have a solid link? Otherwise I am withdrawing this claim.]

More at Big Lizzards Blog – which appears to be on the fence.


As one of our readers pointed out, the person who apparently withheld key portions of the Able Danger story from the 9-11 Commission was a Dietrich Snell. Now I had not seen any direct connection to Jamie Gorelick’s wall yet on Able Danger – though I am positive the general Clinton approach, of which the Gorelick is simply a major element of, did play a role. But it turns out Dietrich Snell is the lead of Commissioner Gorelick’s staff. For those who may not have read or seen the entire floor speech it is available here (transcript) and here (video). Every recent Able Danger link is found here at QT Monster’s (an incredible list of links).

I hate to say this folks, but unless we all start coming together and compromising, we will not get an immigration plan. For those who want to deport all the illegal aliens I suggest some rethinking. A plan that covers those simply here to work, who must register and abide by our laws and retain an above board job is a start. There are illegals because we allow in fewer than the market can handle. Our economy can handle a larger guest worker force (obviously, since it does now – just not all are documented). For those who cannot behave or stay employed: out they go. For those who do not register and accept a background check: out they go. But we need to do something to get this situation under control and that means registering people temporary work status so we can find the ones not here to work for a living. Otherwise we still were we are and get this:

The Bush administration’s plan to allow illegal immigrants and foreign nationals to work in the United States for up to six years before being sent home is being criticized by observers on both sides of the political spectrum as “vague,” “lacking detail” and unlikely to gain support in Congress.

Congress is supposed to provide the details and we the people are supposed to be pushing them. But for all the conservatives who want to get every foreign worker registered and background checked, who want those who do not work or break our laws out of here, who want to make sure we can focus on finding the threats out of all those trying to make living – we seem to be split because some want the additional step of deporting people for not having their paper work in order. And that is what kind of law illegal immigration is for those who we want to be here – paper work. We need to solve this, and that means compromising.

The effect of the USA and UN and other major powers finally stating the obvious in the assassination of Lebanon’s Rafiq Hariri has been a pleasant surprise. The reaction has been one of confusion, concern and anxiety by the Syrians and pro-Syrian Lebanese. That is a huge difference to the pre 9-11 and Iraq war days. I can easily recall when political assassinations would go by without a ripple. If Amnesty International and other leftwing rights groups want to see a tangible benefit to the US use of force to rid the ME of thugs and dictators – this is it. Now when exposed, these people get really worried because there will be real actions taken against them. In this case economic and political pressure, but everyone now knows it is serious.

The Miers issue is not going to go the way the Frums of the world want it. Her nomination will go to committee and it will go to the floor. There is no sane way a Rep Senate will vote down Miers when they voted for Ginsburg. The question is how much lashing out does the anti-Miers crowd want to do to get back at Bush for all the things he personally did not do for them? I am sure everyone has one thing they wanted Bush to do that he did not do for them which, in some people’s minds, means he deserves to be politically punished. Well, let’s get it all out of systems now, get Miers on the bench and move on to other issues.

And this is excellent news. I have no problem whatsoever showing the UN and the world we are true to our values because we do arrest those who violate our laws. The fact one of the first to be indicted on the UN Oil For Food program debacle means that we may be seeing the beginning of a series of indictments as dominos fall and try to ease their punishment. Round them all up. Their desire for money over all else (feeding the needy and stopping Hussein) has left me with zero sympathy for them.

Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. Observer says:

    Of course, the ONE question Ms. Miers answered on Constitutional Law, she got it WRONG. It makes me really uneasy when one party controls the entrie country. Reminds me of the Mafia. Qualifications? Who cares? She’s family.

  2. Waiting for the Other Shoe

    Blogging will most likely be very light this weekend, but there are lots of interesting developments to watch for. If you have learned over the last few years to read in between the lines of the LSM, the next week

  3. MaidMarion says:


    Has anyone noticed that it was very much to Patrick Fitzgerald’s advantage that Dieter Snell kept ABLE DANGER out of the 9/11 Report?

  4. granitroc says:

    Curt Weldon’s revelation about the Able Danger coverup by a staff member on the 9-11 Commission is a blockbuster. So far, Weldon has been credible and accurate, so I have no reason to disbelieve him. He is slowly playing his cards, but he is doing so against a backdrop of other news noise that is drowning out his message.

    Last week, Sean Hannity offered to have all of the Able Danger crew assembled for an hour long TV special if Weldon could arrange it. He pointed out Shaffer was under a gag order. I wonder if others are too. If not, I would bring them on and have a cardboard cutout of Shaffer (gagged for effect) and broadcast this on prime time. Its time for Curt Weldon to expose more cards and this time on prime time and not the dead of night.

  5. Snapple says:

    This is a 2003 article about a meeting in Germany that was held to circulate conspiracy theories about 9-11.

    ” Events marking the second anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks held in Berlin, Germany and Manhattan featuring former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, this writer, and more than a dozen experts highlighted an estimated fifty conferences, screenings and protests around the US and the world, revealing growing popular support for the position that the US government was complicit in those attacks.”

    There is even a picture of the former CIA guy Ray McGovern with Cynthia McKinney and Michael Ruppert.

    They are in Germany discussing 9-11.

    So would this article provide context for Able Danger or Plamegate?

    McKinney seems very interested in Able Danger. She even invited Ward Churchill to the recent Washingon meeting that tried to say that Bush knew about 9-11.

    But McGovern is interested in Plamegate.

    But here they are enjoying a Kodak moment together–McGovern and McKinney.

  6. Some thoughts on immigration…

    The public is against any form of amnesty for illegals. So, let’s see if we can make a guest worker plan workable.

    Here’s my incentive laden approach.

    1. Foreigners can apply for guest worker permits in their country of residence. They must provide evidence that an employer wants them and the employer must provide evidence that they cannot fill the position with American citizens or legal residents. Fee for application $50.

    2. Illegals already in America can apply for guest worker permits in America. Fee for application $500. Persons making such application will be ineligible for citizenship for at least ten years after their departure from America.

    3. Children born to guest workers are citizens of their parent’s country.

    4. Illegals are allowed six months to acquire guest worker status. After that period, employers must require that all employees show proof of residency or a guest worker permit or proof of citizenship. Any employer employing an illegal resident to be fined $5,000 per violation.

    5. All government agencies at all levels are authorized to question immigration status. Failure to comply and report illegals to DOHS will result in loss of federal funding.

    Chosen figures are arbitrary. The higher charge for illegals is a penalty for their being here illegally. The low charge for foreigners wishing to go through legal channels to get here rewards their respect for US law. It must be a lot cheaper than the fees paid to smugglers. Just my ideas on the subject.

  7. AJStrata says:

    Judicious – I like it!

    Especially number 3. I agree. Start with this and then see if we need to tighten up more.