Oct 22 2005

Dietrich Snell, 9-11 & Able Danger

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Top Dog has a post relating how Snell did not work for Gorelick but for Zelikow.


In a today’s Fly By I mentioned the supposed link between Deitrich Snell and Jamie Gorelick. Capt Ed Morrissey came out confused that no such link was readily apparent. Well one might be. Deitrich Snell may have more to hide about his pre-9-11 role than Gorelick, and those who gagged Able Danger.

Dietrich Snell may be the one person to turn down an opportunity to learn about 9-11 from terrorist tied to the 9-11 plot!

Abdul Hakim Murad, a conspirator in the 1995 Bojinka plot with Ramzi Yousef, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, and others, was convicted in 1996 of his role in the Bojinka plot (see January 6, 1995). He is about to be sentenced for that crime. He offers to cooperate with federal prosecutors in return for a reduction in his sentence, but prosecutors turn down his offer. Dietrich Snell, the prosecutor who convicted Murad, says after 9/11 that he doesn’t remember any such offer. But court papers and others familiar with the case later confirmed that Murad does offer to cooperate at this time. Snell claimed he only remembers hearing that Murad had described an intention to hijack a plane and fly it into CIA headquarters. However, in 1995 Murad had confessed to Philippine investigators that this would have been only one part of a larger plot to crash a number of airplanes into prominent US buildings, including the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, a plot that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed later adjusts and turns into the 9/11 plot (see January 20, 1995) (see February 1995).

After 9/11, Snell goes on to become Senior Counsel and a team leader for the 9/11 Commission. Author Peter Lance later calls Snell “one of the fixers, hired early on to sanitize the Commission’s final report.” Lance says Snell ignored evidence presented to the Commission that shows direct ties between the Bojinka plot and 9/11, and in so doing covers up Snell’s own role in the failure to make more use of evidence learned from Murad and other Bojinka plotters.

More as I put it together.


OK, here is the connection between Dietrich and Gorelick. Gorelick authorized the deportation on Osama Bin Laden’s brother-in-law “Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, an alleged terrorist financier married to a sister of bin Laden” in 1995. Khalifa was tied to the Yousef – Shaikh Mohammed cell identified above, which Snell was involved with:

According to a 2002 FBI affadavit, he was in contact with a terrorist cell in Manila during that time. (link to document) Led by Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the cell was plotting to bomb a dozen U.S.-bound airliners in mid-January 1995, according to trial records.

Authorities claim that Khalifa helped fund the plot, known as Bojinka, through a network of charities and businesses he had founded in the Philippines. Khalifa has denied all these charges and says he has never been connected to terrorist activity.

So both Snell and Gorelick have a nexus at the ‘Bojinka’ plan – the well documented precursor to 9-11. The rest of this is bizarre with loose connections to the OKC bombing, so I have my doubts about it. Investigating.


Our good friend Rick Moran had sniffed this connection out early on!

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  1. Found this from Frontpage interview with Peter Lance, that has lot’s more on Bojinka and TWA 800:


  2. LuckyBogey says:

    Recently I was reading a few of the AD blog sites with comments and noticed that someone mentioned that whenever they post AD news, their blog site is hit with Chinese bots for days. I would suggest everyone with a blog site to monitor this closely.

  3. Peter Lance on Lou Dobbs Friday

    My guest here tomorrow will be journalist Peter Lance, who has written a book dealing with Able Danger and the failure of our nation’s intelligence agencies.