Oct 07 2005

Fly By 10/07/05

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For all the hand wringers out there concerned about the Miers nomination and what kind of judge Bush picked, all you need to do to calm your nerves and halt the infighting is ponder this page

Relax already.

Rush Limbaugh made one of the dumbest comments I have ever heard yesterday when commenting on Miers. He said he did not know her well enough to know what kind of jurist she would be, but his point has been only the nomination made Bush look weak. And looking weak gave our opponents hope and energy to fight on. What a stunning piece of circular logic! So, Miers might make Bush look weak, therefore it was OK for the right to rise up against him and actually make him weak! What a mind. Here is how the press is perceiving the uproar of sour grapes from the right:

The Harriet Miers nomination marks one of those rare instances in Washington where the president sees his allies on the right becoming critics while critics on the left have gone mostly silent. President Bush, meanwhile, is left somewhere in the middle trying to use whatever political capital he has left to avoid the embarrassment of rejection.

Another view here by EJ Dionne. Ed Morrissey discusses the Dionne article here. I disagree with this assessmet in many ways, but it also reflects the implosion we just experienced. For one, I am pretty sure Miers’ nomination was not due to her religion, and the WH is not promoting it that way.

To the anti-Miers panickers: If you want us to turn on Bush and throw away the remaining three years of the Bush term, to throw away the opportunity for making gains in the house and senate in 2006, and to be in a position of weakness going into 2008, you have to have a lot more than ‘what if ‘and ‘maybe’. You did not get what you wanted – too bad. Are you willing to end the conservative movement in its tracks because of this? Go back to the page I linked to above and try and get control of yourselves.

Just to show how vacuous the Nobel Peace Prize has become, and why it is now just a political game, look what won for 2005! The same fools who allowed Iraq, Iran, North Korea, AQ Kahn, Pakistan and Libya to enter the nuclear club…. That is some piece of work all right.

Things are going to be tense in the NYC subways for the next two weeks, and events like this will be common. But we all need to stand up and salute the commuters of New York for not bowing to the terrorists!

And in a warning to democrats, a study has come out suggesting that a push to the liberal left will not win elections (I could have told them that for free). If the conservatives keep destroying themselves over Miers and the democrats head this warning, there could easily be a shift back to the democrats.

James Carville is out moaning as well. Looks like the entire political class (chatterers and pols) are imploding in front of our eyes.

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  1. Mahon says:

    If anti-proliferation activity is Nobel-worthy, shouldn’t the Prize go to John Bolton? How could the Norwegians have overlooked him?

  2. Conclusion of a Democratic-sponsored report

    “Stay clear of out-of-touch liberals.” That’s the basic conclusion of a study performed by two prominent Democratic analysts, William A. Galston and Elaine C. Kamarck, who served under Clinton.