Oct 07 2005

Kilgore Is Surging

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Jerry Kilgore just received a whole host of endorsements that represent a building momentum:

Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce NOVABizPAC
Northern Virginia Technology Council PAC
National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB)
Associated Builders and Contractors PAC
Virginia Association of Realtors
Virginia Fraternal Order of Police
Virginia Police Benevolent Association
Law Enforcement Alliance of America
National Rifle Association (NRA)
Virginia Shooting Sports Association
Virginia Society for Human Life PAC
National Right to Life Committee PAC

The Fairfax County and Northern Virginia endorsements are huge. Kaine needs to take Northern Virginia by a good margin just to have a prayer. And he is not making his case to lose those two endorsements. Also, many remember that Warner raised taxes after 9-11 on fears of a major economic slowdown, only for us all to find out he neglected to mention the surplus we were running when he signed the tax hikes into law.

That is the albatross around Kaine’s neck – the largest tax hike in VA history, supposedly for emergencies that did not exist. More on this at Commonwealth Conservative.

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