Oct 04 2005

In Plame Sight

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I find it hard to understand why so many following the Plame/Wilson grand jury can’t connect the dots. Powerline has a post the confirms what I have been saying forever, Miller is hiding other ‘sources’ of information. In the words of Miller attorney Floyd Abrams:

ABRAMS: We couldn’t have had the same deal. Indeed, in one respect I tried to get a deal a year ago. I spoke to Mr. Fitzgerald, the prosecutor, and he did not agree at that time to something that he later did agree to, which was to limit the scope of the questions he would ask, so as to assure that the only source he would effectively be asking about was Mr. Libby. She has other sources and was very concerned about the possibility of having to reveal those sources, or going back to jail because of them.

Emphasis mine. Then the classic head scratch:

But it is hard to think of any logical reason why Fitzgerald would be uninterested in Judith Miller’s other sources. According to Abrams, he apparently was interested a year ago. Why doesn’t he care now? The only explanation I can come up with is that in the past year, Fitzgerald has concluded that there is nothing to the Plame story, and only wants Miller to testify about her conversation with Libby–which Libby himself has already described to the grand jury–so he can wrap up his investigation and report that no crime was committed.

Sorry, but that is ridiculous. All of the current head scratching is due to the unwillingness to realize that Plame’s employment status is not the current focus of the investigation. The case was weak from the beginning because the statute required knowledge of the employee’s status and intent to compromise her work, and thus the CIA’s. Plame had been a HQ desk jockey for years and more than a few in her social circle knew about her employer. All you need is a few people knowing this to throw the entire thing out due to evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

So if the Plame employment outing was able to be pretty much resolved within the first 9 months, which was well over a year ago – what else could he the investigation looking at? Bush has been very precise in his language and has said any leak of classified information will be dealt with in his administration. That means there is possibly more here than simply Plame’s employer.

It could be information related to the disclosure of methods, contacts and details of any nuclear weapon intelligence on foreign governments.

That would put Miller’s sources, those who provide her information on WMDs, on the hot seat. And it would also put a bulls eye on Plame, Plames associates in the CIA who assisted in this ridiculous political gambit with Wilson in Niger, and of course Wilson himself.

So stop scratching your heads. Miller’s other sources may have been identified via other means, or Fitzgerald is closing this Grand Jury up and will propose a new one to focus on leaking of classified material other than Plame’s employer.

Make sure to follow the Grand Master of this story, Tom Maguire. His latest is here.

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  1. BurbankErnie says:

    Yep. Plame, Wilson Miller.
    I drew the same conclusion a while back, and it is the only one now that makes sense.

    Wilson’s big mouth and blind ambition led to this entire fiasco IMO. Once the DNC and Kerry’s Campaign got involved, the MSM (Mouthpiece of the Left) brought it out for the big play.

    I hear the fever swamps of the Left are trying to tie PlameGate to the Downing Street Memos. Sheesh.