Oct 04 2005

Ronnie The Clown

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How is it a rogue prosecutor, who is so delusional he believes he is on a mission from God to purge money from politics, can abuse our legal system and crank out crack pot indictments against a national leader?

In Ronnie The Clown’s first act he indicted Tom DeLay on bogus conspiracy charges related to the movement of campaign monies between the state and national republican parties.

Poor Ronnie never mentioned to that Grand Jury the laws he tried to indict DeLay on were not yet on the books and wouldn’t be for another year! So, as DeLay’s lawyers were readying the motion to dismiss because no such laws existed in the indictment, Ronnie The Clown has run to another Grand Jury and supposedly misrepresented the law again to get a second indictment.

While there may be some confusion if there are one or two indictments, the fact our legal system is under attack by a power mad prosecutor who is misrepresenting the law while making a movie about himself and his efforts to topple Tom DeLay. The fact is money laundering is the criminal act of taking money obtained illegally and filtering it through supposedly legal entities to hide its source.

Campaign contributions by corporations, the original source of the money in the indictment, are not illegally obtained funds. Therefore the money laundering statute does not apply. The statutes that apply are the state election laws, which Ronnie The Clown has never been able to twist sufficiently to get an indictment.

It is time to indict Ronnie The Clown and put him in jail so he never forgets why we do not allow personal vendettas to corrupt our world class legal system.


ED Morrissey has some good comments on the rot eating our legal system with this clown.

The Second Indictment: Second Verse Stinks Worse Than The First

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