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Jun 21 2007

We Don’t Walk Softly, And We Carry Big Sticks

Some reporting on the new artillery/rocket system possibly used to take out that enemy camp in Pakistand yesterday: The six-pack can be configured to shoot a wide array of rockets and missiles, from cluster bombs to a single missile system with a range of up to 300 kilometres. Himars can fire a variety of non-cluster […]

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Jun 21 2007

Kennedy & Kerry Support A Military Family In Need

Compassionate Conservatives. The label was meant to remind people that tough love is not without a heart and the government will not be used to brow beat people when they are down. We cannot blindly follow laws because laws do not fit every situation and many laws need to be fixed. Slavery was once legal. […]

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Jun 21 2007

Kicking Butt In Baquoba, Diyala Province, Iraq

As goes Diyala so goes Iraq and our chances for success in Iraq. We seem to be kicking al-Qaeda butts in Baqouba as we surround and destroy one of the last strong holds of al-Qaeda: Odierno—a supertanker of a man with a shaved head who looks like ancient turtle—met with a group of battalion commanders […]

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Jun 21 2007

“Nothing” Is Not An Option On Immigration

While everyone can find a nit to pick on the immigration reform everyone also knows failure now means being stuck with the same FUBAR’d system for 2-10 years to come. And if anyone is harboring the delusion Americans will settle for nothing check out this poll: Nearly three-quarters of participants in a UPI-Zogby International poll […]

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Jun 21 2007

Liberalism’s Dying Gasp

In a laughable attempt to salvage a dying political movement liberals are trying to make it the law of the land for America to stop turning its back on them and force us to listen to their tired and failed policy views. In the free market of ideas they have realized their last hope is

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Jun 21 2007

Embryonic Stem Cell Snake Oil (Again)

Some researchers in California (so much for the myth there is no ESCR in the US) are making the claim they can take out embryonic stem cells without ‘destroying’ the embryo. Their track record is one more of snake oil peddlers than scientists: Scientists said they grew colonies of human stem cells without harming the […]

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Jun 21 2007

Bold Prediction Of Success In Fallujah

Well, something must be happening in a major way because the normally conservative and low key military is making a very bold and definitive statement regarding our path to success in Iraq: A U.S. Marine commander in Anbar province predicted that al-Qaida fighters will be expelled from Fallujah by August as the military moves to […]

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