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Jun 06 2007

More Evidence Al Qaeda Losing Support In Iraq

And yet we have some more indications al-Qaeda is losing support in their last large enclave inside Iraq: Circumstantial evidence indicates al Qaeda in Iraq is weakening and popular support is swinging toward the coalition in Iraq’s Diyala province, the commander of U.S. military forces there said yesterday. In a call with online journalists, Army […]

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Jun 06 2007

More Hypochondriac Misinformation

My site has been plagued by false claims of pending doom on the immigration issue. These false profits of doom keep emphasizing the empty rhetoric Bush so accurately called the immigration bill’s opponents on. For example, if you hear gang members and sex offenders are exempt (as many a Chicken Little posted in my comments […]

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Jun 06 2007

The Immigration Insanity, II

Reader BigLSUFan noted that if the current bill, which supposedly suffers in the enforcement area, did not have the Guest Worker element it would have been praised to high heaven by the immigration hypochondriacs. No doubt that is very true. But since the border enforcement element is now apparently the damaged goods causing heartburn on […]

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Jun 06 2007

Another Day, Another al-Qaeda Leader Killed In Iraq

Each day we slice off one more head from the hydra.

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Jun 06 2007

America Prefers The Status Quo?

I admit I missed the fact Scott Rassmussen did ask the question I wanted to see. He did ask whether the nation would prefer the status quo over the compromise: Forty-nine percent (49%) of voters prefer no bill over the Senate bill. Just 32% prefer the legislative compromise over inaction. Now how many people are […]

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Jun 06 2007

Another Bush Victory For The Record Books

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Most of the far right complain when Bush reaches across the aisle and teams with liberal stalwarts like Ted Kennedy. But there is always common ground to do good things, especially when it comes to the universal support we all have for our kids. The results of No Child Left Behind are coming in – […]

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Jun 06 2007

Immigration Poison Pill Amendents Dying Off

Seems all the poison pill amendments meant to scuttle the Immigration Bill in the Senate are failing. Are all sides finally understanding that this subject is tanking everyone and that leaving us the status quo is a political kiss of death? Doubtful in my opinion. But it is interesting to see so many go down […]

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Jun 06 2007

Are We Safer? Are We Fighting Back!?

Democrats ask the silliest questions. Their entire debate seemed to be about “are we safer” since 9-11 and George Bush. The answer is yes on many levels. The real question is “are we fighting back? Are we defending ourselves?”. The answer is a resounding “hell yes!” And of course to fight back means to take […]

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Jun 06 2007

More On The Grass Roots Backlash Against al-Qaeda

Stories are starting to percolate through some news outlets on the stunning turn of events in al-Qaeda’s stronghold areas of Iraq. The Muslim streets that make up the last sanctuary for al-Qaeda are rising up – against al-Qaeda. The moderates are taking up arms against the Islamo Fascists: Under cover of darkness, a convoy of […]

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Jun 06 2007

I Agree With Reid

End the debacle on immigration reform now. GOP: we have heard all your posturing, your chicken little stories, your demeaning comments. We realize the immigration hypochondriacs have declared the end of common ground for the conservative coalition which brought the Congress and Presidency into GOP hands. Fine. End it. Stop with the lame amendments. Vote […]

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