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Jun 18 2007

Global Warming Is Actually Faulty Sensors

Update: Bumped to the top as well. Reader Crosspatch confirms the fact that the world is NOT warming right now (or has been for the last decade) in this story he found and linked in the comments section: (Crosspatch is well versed on the matter of climate): The salient facts are these. First, the accepted […]

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Jun 18 2007

Targetting Iran’s Weapons Smuggling Trail In Iraq

Fixed the screwy HTML, so bumped it to the top Seems not only is the UK and US taking serious steps to knock out the underground smugglers’ trail that is moving weapons from Iran into Iraq – they are having some good success: Up to 36 people were killed in southern Iraq today as British […]

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Jun 18 2007

Is Palestine al-Qaeda’s Next Target For Takeover?

With al-Qaeda on its heels in Lebanon and facing local uprisings in Iraq, al-Qaeda must be looking for someplace to claim a victory (as long as the Democrats do it for them in surrendering Iraq). Iraq was clearly too big a prize for a disparate organization like al-Qaeda to bite off, especially with US support […]

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Jun 18 2007

Catch-22 On Securing The Border

The far right is going full steam over the cliff of nativism. Oh well, it was a good ride while it lasted. So we might as well keep pointing out the illogic of their positions – just for fun. So, we noted how the real fear of the right is the legalization of the 12+ […]

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Jun 18 2007

al-Qaeda Fails In Lebanon

A sister Islamo Fascist group allied with al-Qaeda is being crushed in Lebanon – proving to the Middle East and the world that they actually can be beaten: he Lebanese army is army expected to finish off the terrorists of Fatah al Islam at the Nahr el Bared Palestinian refugee camp within the next 48 […]

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