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Jun 09 2007

Hispanics Will Help Democrats Over GOP

With the immigration hypochondriacs spew how un-American it is to provide a path to legal status here for illegal workers, by paying fines and back taxes and staying away from crime, they have sent a signal to the Hispanic population – both immigrant and recent citizens. A signal that is unmistakable because the rhetoric from […]

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Jun 09 2007

Why The Far Right Is Out Of The Immigration Debate

The far fight, the immigration hypochondriacs as I like to call them, are working themselves to the margins. Especially when they complain about name calling, at which point I cannot help but think of these people – who call their conservative opposition ‘traitors’ and claim they the only “Real American” position – the whiny immigration […]

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Jun 09 2007

What Next For al-Qaeda After Iraq?

Let’s just agree al-Qaeda is back on its heels in Iraq as more and more local Sunni tribes not only reject their brutality, but take up arms against them. I have posted on numerous articles covering this phenomenon that has turned the al-Qaeda stronghold of Anbar Province against them, chased them into Diyala Province, wherein […]

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