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Jun 01 2007

Few People Notice Litvinenko’s Terrorist Ties

One has to wonder at the tunnel vision that exists in the news media. When Alexander Litvinenko died last November within days the Chechen terrorists declared Litvinenko a Muslim and a Martyr to the Islamo Fascist cause. Pretty high claim for a white Russian guy living in London. You think Adam Gadahn, the American al […]

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Jun 01 2007

New Commenters Welcome

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I have reopened comments to anyone who wishes to register and get an account. Your first comment will need to be mediated by me (I do try and check regularly for suspended comments), but after that the only time comments get held up is if they trip my spam filters (keep the numbers of links […]

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Jun 01 2007

The New Litmus Test: Immigration

We all have a new litmus test on the right, amongst conservatives. It is what side you chose on immigration – and it will define who is in and who is out in the GOP. And by defining who is in, it will define whether the GOP can create a governing coalition or become a […]

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Jun 01 2007

Immigration Hypochondriacs Killing GOP

In a follow up to my post about how Noonan, and the others tyrannical right (and I mean that because if we other conservatives want something in an immigration Bill the far right does what it can so no one get’s anything but what they themselves want), we now have the far right killing off […]

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Jun 01 2007

Noonan’s Nonsense

Peggy Noonan is now blaming Bush for the far right’s three years of attacking moderates and attacking Bush on issues ranging from Miers, to Dubai Ports (another grand example of nativism which cost us cargo container inspection machines across the globe – paid for by our allies in the UAE) and now immigration reform: President […]

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Jun 01 2007

Media Notices Iraq Rising Up Against Al Qaeda – Finally

It has taken a few weeks, but the antique media has finally taken notice of the fact the Iraqi street is rising up – against al Qaeda: Sunni residents of a west Baghdad neighborhood used assault rifles and a roadside bomb to battle the Sunni insurgent group al-Qaeda in Iraq this week, leaving at least […]

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