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Jun 24 2007

Conservatives Use Military Lives To Blackmail Bush

Too many conservatives are out of control emotionally when it comes to the immigration issue. Their obsession against defining gates and thepayment of fines and taxes for those who came or stayed in this country illegally (the majority actually coming from the latter group) that are contained in the current immigration bill has made these […]

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Jun 24 2007

Clearing Of Baquoba, Iraq Nearly Complete

The clearing of al-Qaeda and the Islamo Fascists from Baquoba is nearly complete, which is much quicker than I think anyone expected: U.S. forces believe the initial combat phase of a major offensive to clear al Qaeda from the Iraqi city of Baquba is nearly complete and any militants left could be confronted in the […]

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Jun 24 2007

The Only FIS Court Judge To Be Overturned On Surveillance Still Playing God

Judge Lamberth was the head of the FISA Court when 9-11 occurred. As Bush attempted to address how the FISA Court had allowed, over time, ridiculous barriers to arise in our processes (not our law) that allowed 9-11 to happen, Lamberth was one of the judges fighting the changes. I have a whole category of […]

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