Jun 21 2007

Kicking Butt In Baquoba, Diyala Province, Iraq

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As goes Diyala so goes Iraq and our chances for success in Iraq. We seem to be kicking al-Qaeda butts in Baqouba as we surround and destroy one of the last strong holds of al-Qaeda:

Odierno—a supertanker of a man with a shaved head who looks like ancient turtle—met with a group of battalion commanders in the ruins of a medical center that had been blasted, by someone, several years earlier. Situation maps were leaned against a white ceramic tile wall; the officers sat in campaign chairs, hunched in a tight semi-circle; bottles of cold water were passed around.

The news from the battle was good.

Baquba, the capital of Diyala province just northeast of Baghdad, had been infiltrated by al-Qaeda over the past year—between 400 and 500 al-Qaeda fighters were estimated to be in the city when the U.S. forces attacked on Monday, and now those who remain are surrounded, in a slowly tightening cordon.

A lieutenant colonel named Bruce Antonia told Odierno about preparing to attack the Buhritz neighborhood a few nights earlier when he was approached by local Sunni inusurgents—members, they said, of the 1920 Revolutionary Brigades—who were streaming out of the neighborhood. “They said they’d been fighting al-Qaeda but had run out of ammunition and asked us to supply them. We told them, ‘Show us where AQ is and we’ll fight them.'” The insurgents did and the neighborhood was cleared.

More and more the Muslim street is rising up in Iraq and taking on al-Qaeda or helping us take on al-Qaeda. The Muslim street is making a decision on their future which cannot be undone by Surrendercrats. As I predcited, as these stories of success filter through the SurrenderMedia (like this one) it will be clear failure is not an option and success is possible. Especially when the civil war in Iraq is between Islamo Fascists like al Qaeda and the Muslim street as our allies. That is BIG news – no way around it. The tide is turning on Iraq because WE have the Muslim/Arab street on our side.

One guy said to me, ‘We fought against you because you invaded our country and you’re infidels. But you treat us with more dignity than al-Qaeda,’ and he said they’d continue to work with us. I’ve been involved in many operations here and this is a first—usually everybody’s shooting at us. This is the first time we’ve had any of them on our side.”

We are winning the hearts and minds because we are the side of good. It is obvious we will always be more attractive than al-Qaeda’s brutal fascists.

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  1. thecentercannothold says:

    “One guy said to me, ‘We fought against you because you invaded our country and you’re infidels. But you treat us with more dignity than al-Qaeda,’ and he said they’d continue to work with us.”

    AJ’s reaction: “Were winning them over!”

    Sexy bargirl to 17 year old in strip joint who’s buying her
    expensive sugar “cocktails” and himself vodka and tonics.
    “You’re a handsome fella’; maybe I’ll give you my number and
    we’ll go out…”

    “She really digs me.”

  2. thecentercannothold says:


    Later in the week after losing a couple hundred bucks… “The
    number you have called is no longer in service…”

    Neither are these men lost in an unwinnable war.

  3. thecentercannothold says:


    Please note the comments of Peter Pace, who also signed for the
    pardon of traitor Libby.

    He says violence should not be the measure of success in Iraq,
    but rather how Iraqis feel about their lives.

    This however is typical imperial hubris as Mike Scheuer puts it.
    Iraqis have registered in sundry polls taken since 2004 their wish
    that the occupier leave, even if it meant civil war. A war the
    respondents said they alone could sort out properly.

  4. DaleinAtlanta says:

    More lies from the Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi/Anti-Semite Racist Leftist Traitor, “Center”!

    The polls have reliably shown, of Iraqis, that they DO want the US to leave, of course, who’s surprised by that; but they’ve also shown that they do NOT want the US to leave, until AFTER stability and security have been restored!

    As usual, more Leftist lies, and conspiracy theories by a charter member of the Lunar Chiroptera Colony!

  5. thecentercannothold says:

    Wrongo Daley boy.

    Check the polls beginning with MSNBC, CBS and Pew-only the Kurds wanted us to stay. Meanwhile, analyse this little bit of truthtelling:

    found on comments section of juancole.com

    “nsieurGonzo said…
    BAGHDAD (Reuters) : “Thousands of U.S. and Iraqi soldiers pushed on with simultaneous offensives in and around Baghdad on Thursday under a new strategy…

    …”If you’ve got it properly cordoned then they’re going to flee into somebody’s arms : it’s a trap,” U.S. military spokesman Rear Admiral Mark Fox told Reuters.“

    Surprisingly conventional military thinking apparently persists in the U.S. Officer Corps, despite daily evidence to the contrary (asymmetrical, IED/ambush attacks to military force flows, e.g., roadways, utility & pipe lines; rather than direct, coordinated confrontation of the State) surely flooding in to Central Command headqarters.

    Though certainly there are ‘transient insurgents’ who move from one area to another, they do so amidst an entire population in disarray: mass migration; ethnic neighborhood dislocation; tribes & families gathering at perceived places of sanctuary, etc., their self-preservation taking precedence over any sense of permanent residence.

    They are, after all, not insurgents at all; rather, they are a resident resistance to alien occupation forces. Many are defending, if not their original residence, those residences of their cousins & uncles, the country homes where their fathers & grand-fathers came from; where their extended families have now fled: they need not “flee en masse into a net trap,” rather, they can simply “melt into the population” that after all, they, themselves are (!) And stop fighting outside in the streets, and go back inside, home.

    “winning” for them, is simply surviving. Can you trap that ?

    Until the American political and military leaders come to terms with the reality that ‘The Mission’ is Occupation, and ‘The Insurgency’ is Resistance, in my opinion the occupation will remain senseless; the resistance, mysteriously relentless.

    Apparently, such is our shame at the notion : “we are alien occupiers, they are resident resistance,” that an entire Nation and its Military find it necessary to indulge in this spectacular Folie à deux of strategy being some sort of clever “trap” : while history keeps telling us, daily ~ that all our fire power, this aerial bombardment and armoured assault ~ is nothing more strategic than impotent smoke, the delusion of our dignity.”

    At 8:48

  6. thecentercannothold says:


    read it and weep, Ratlanta boy

  7. DaleinAtlanta says:

    You cite an avowed Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Leftist “news” company: MSNBC, to me?

    Are you really, truly NUTS?

    Home to Chef du Loon himself, Herr Olbermann?

    Are you kidding me?


    In your pathetic attempt to show how completely you are an actual Benedict Arnold, you’ll start to quote Mao, Che, Minh, Stalin, Marx, Lenin, Pol Pot, Castro and Chavez!

    Let me guess, you are a fan of such Leftist, Anti-Americans, Anti-Semites as Ezra Pound, Francois Celine, Jacques Derida, etc., aren’t you???


  8. thecentercannothold says:

    Pound is placed on the “far right” of the spectrum, schoolboy.

    I like Vladimir Putin’s nose-thumbing at Bush too. He said yesterday the US had no right to complain about the Stalin purges because it did worse in Vietnam!

    Hey, he doesn’t have to be literally correct–I like his spunk in
    deriding Bush who was arrogant enough to personally declare
    Kosovo free of Serbia, though it’s been part of Serbia for hundreds of years and its none of Bush’s business–then again when only the
    Albanians like you, you got to say pandering is as pandering does if you’re Bushie.

  9. thecentercannothold says:

    You loved the MSM when it pushed the war and polls favoring it
    from 2002-3, didn’t you brave boy? Limbaugh quoted ’em all
    until they turned against the ensuing no-win quagmire and no WMDs
    were found–then the losers like you turned on reality,not being able to deal with it.

  10. DaleinAtlanta says:

    “Pound is placed on the “far right” of the spectrum, schoolboy.”

    Ah, no, not quite Nutbag; and DEFINITELY Anti-Semitic, which is exactly THE reason why I included him, to be just like you!

    But of course, you missed the inference; and also of course, without GOOGLE, you have no idea who Francois Celine and Jacques Derida were; Kindergarten Chump!

  11. DaleinAtlanta says:

    :…deriding Bush who was arrogant enough to personally declare
    Kosovo free of Serbia, though it’s been part of Serbia for hundreds of years ”

    Doncha just love the “rational” and “logic” of Leftist Nutbags!

    He’s upset because Bush said Kosovo should be independent; and his rational is “…though it’s been part of Serbia for hundreds of years..”

    Wow, really?

    C’mon, be honest, in the 60’s, you were a young Leftist Nutbag, protesting in the streets with members of the US Indian movement, demanding the return of Alcatraz, etc., even though it’s been PART OF THE US FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS!

    C’mon, admit it?? C’mon…

    Or how about this, you’re sympathetic to LaRaza and MeCha, about the Reconquista of TX, NM, UT, CA, AR, even though THEY’VE BEEN PART OF THE US for HUNDREDS of years!

    And as a typical Leftist Nutbag, you’re also sympathetic to: the return of Australia to the Aborigines; the return of NZ to the Maori, the return of ALL of Israel to the Palestinians?

    C’mon, admit it!

    Do you also favor the return of the Canadian North to the Inuit?

    How about Hawaii to the Hawaiians?

    What about Chile giving up Easter Island, back to the Islanders?

    Wait, I know, how about all of England back to the Normans?

    Or the Angles and Jutes and Saxons before that?

    Hell, the Visigoths and Ostrogoths controlled Spain at one time, can we give that back too?

    What about Mongolia, back to the Turks; because you have to know, that today’s Turkish people only migrated over to Turkey during the past 2,000 years, killed and displaced the Original inhabitants, including the Kurds, and became ‘Turkish”?

    Hell, the Kurds had it for THOUSANDS of years, why can’t they get it back?

    What about the Bantu-speaking migration; the largest human migration in history, out of West Africa, down along thru Angola, and into South Africa, wiping out peoples such as the Pygmies, Bushmen, San, Xhosa, etc.!

    Those people had that land for TENS of THOUSANDS of years; who the hell is Bush to tell them they can be “independent”?

    Gotta love the Nutbags, consistency is not one of their traits! Anything to attack Bush!

    What freaking loons…