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Jun 20 2007

Administration Answers Immigration Critics With Brutal Reality

Ed Morrissey posts on one of the many conspiracy myth’s running around the GOP circles as they do their amnesty hypochondriac Chicken Little dance. This one had to do with how long it takes to process Z-Visas compared to passports (not EVEN the same thing) and the ridiculous myth background checks take time (having worked […]

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Jun 20 2007

Did We Get Bin Laden Or Zawahiri?

Whenever you see an airstrike on an al-Qaeda base that has lareg numbers of Chechen and Uzbek fighters you have to wonder if someone has finally found the hideout of Bin Laden or Zawahiri. Uzbeks, Chechens and Arabs were among about 30 militants killed in a missile attack on a suspected Al Qaeda hideout in […]

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Jun 20 2007

GOP Losing ’08 Presidential To ALL Democrat Alternatives

How bad is the self destruction of the GOP over immigration? For the first time a poll shows any Democrat, including John Edwards, is able to beat any Republican in head-to-head matchups: Gallup: Edwards 50 – Giuliani 45 RCP Avg: Edwards +1.4% Gallup: Edwards 50 – McCain 44 RCP Avg: Edwards +0.3% Gallup: Edwards 61 […]

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Jun 20 2007

al-Qaeda Cornered In Diyala – Surrendercrats’ Limb Being Sawed Out From Under Them

This blog was one of the few to connect the dots regarding the strategy of the Iraq-US Coalition in Iraq to corrall and destroy al Qaeda in Iraq. The opening to this opportunity happened when military leaders in al-Qaeda’s then stronghold of al-Anbar Province were able to reach out to local Sunni tribal leaders and […]

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Jun 20 2007

Immigration Bill Opposition Grasping

I have to laugh at the kind of twisted logic that claims there are no laws on the books to pay back taxes as they apply to illegal immigrants. Check out this laugher: “It’s a good advocacy poll,” Camarota said. “I don’t see any neutral questions in the poll. It seems those who designed it […]

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Jun 20 2007

More Tribes Opposing al-Qaeda

The tide keeps turning on al-Qaeda in Iraq as more local tribes are taking the side of the Iraqi-US coalition forces and taking up arms against al-Qaeda and their brutal variant of Islam: ore than 10 Iraqi tribes in the Baghdad area have reached agreements with U.S. and Iraqi forces for the first time to […]

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Jun 20 2007

Deportation Madness

The wife of a man who may have given his life in the defense of this nation while fighiting in Iraq is now facing deportation because they tried to do the right thing and become legal. he wife of a soldier missing in Iraq could face deportation, her lawyer told a television station. Army Spec. […]

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Jun 20 2007

Plutonium + Beryllium + Polonium = Mushroom Cloud

Ed Morrissey caught sight of what has to be the most insane thing I have seen in all my life. Georgian customs officers sent a car carrying a mixture of plutonium and beryllium back into Azerbaijan after foiling an attempt to smuggle the materials over the border, Georgian television reported. Customs officials found the materials, […]

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Jun 20 2007

Standing Tall For Life

President Bush (or President Jorge to his GOP bretheren) is standing tall on another critical issue – life. He is going to veto a bill that would provide for harvesting young human beings for the spare parts. Spare parts lying dormant as blue prints inside the stem cells of their young bodies. And even though […]

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Jun 20 2007

Texas Is With Bush On Immigration

It seems one of the states with one of the largest immigration problems backs Bush when it comes to immigration reform: Despite their ideological differences, most Texans believe the country’s immigration system is in disarray and favor the proposed overhaul being debated in Washington, according to results of a new poll released Tuesday. A consortium […]

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