Jun 21 2007

Bold Prediction Of Success In Fallujah

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Well, something must be happening in a major way because the normally conservative and low key military is making a very bold and definitive statement regarding our path to success in Iraq:

A U.S. Marine commander in Anbar province predicted that al-Qaida fighters will be expelled from Fallujah by August as the military moves to cut insurgent supply and reinforcement lines into Baghdad and surrounding areas.

Brig. Gen. John Allen, the deputy commander for American forces west of Baghdad, said al-Qaida in Iraq has largely been pushed out of population centers in much of the Anbar province.

He cited the success in turning Sunni tribes against the organization and an influx of American troops to chase al-Qaida out of Iraqi and regions around the capital.

“The vast majority of them have been pushed out of the population centers,” Allen said Wednesday in an interview with The Associated Press. “The surge has given us the troops we needed to really clear those areas, so we cleared them and we stayed.”

He said U.S. and Iraqi troops were trying to repeat recent success in calming Ramadi, the provincial capital, using the same neighborhood-by-neighborhood tactics in Fallujah – a Sunni insurgent bastion that was first cleared by a massive American assault in 2004.

“We’re going to finish off those neighborhoods by August,” he told AP. “The people are really responding well, establishing very quickly neighborhood watch organizations and a police precinct headquarters now in every neighborhood,” he said.

The Surrendercrats better rethink their positions right now. Our military is pooring their life blood into these successes and they deserve to be hailed from the halls of Congress for these results. Democrats who think they will take these people up to the Hill for a grilling better think again. We have removed al-Qaeda from their first designated capitol of their supposed modern caliphate (Ramadi). We have al-Qaeda surrounded and being cleansed from their second designated capitol of their supposed modern caliphate in Baquoba. That is two capitol cities that al-Qaeda has lost or is losing in less than a year. That is victory on the battlefield.

The Surrendercrats and SurrenderMedia need to applaud the incredible success our military is now producing under the new strategy. Nitpicking the margins will be seen as what it is: petty attempts at denying the fact the Surrendercrats tried to prematurely surrender Iraq to al Qaeda when we were actually only months away from turning the whole thing around. Get ready to do some honoring and forget the heckling.

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  1. Soothsayer says:

    prematurely surrender Iraq to al Qaeda

    No one – repeat NO ONE – is trying to prematurely surrender Iraq to al Qaeda.

    Al-Qaeda is not even the most significant threat to be found in Iraq. Long-term, a Shia dominated government with close ties to Iran and continuing long-standing tribal hostility to their former Sunni masters is the #2 threat to stability in – not just Iraq – but the region.

    The #1 threat in the region – of course – is Israel/Palestine – a situation which has only gone from bad to worse with the disengaged and brainless strategy (or non-strategy) of the Bush Administration.

    Even if al-Qaeda is pushed out, the underlying problem of insurgency remains – and there is no indication of any resolution anytime in the foreseeable future.

    Meanwhile . . .

    The U.S. military announced the deaths of 14 American troops, including five killed Thursday in a single roadside bombing that also killed four Iraqis in Baghdad. Elsewhere in Iraq, a suicide truck bomber struck the Sulaiman Bek city hall in a predominantly Sunni area in northern Iraq, killing at least 13 people and wounding 70, an Iraqi commander said.

    The U.S. deaths raised to at least 3,545 the number of U.S. troops who have died since the war began in 2003, according to an Associated Press count.

    The deadliest attack was a roadside bomb that struck a convoy in northeastern Baghdad on Thursday, killing five U.S. soldiers, three Iraqi civilians and one Iraqi interpreter, the military said. A rocket-propelled grenade struck a vehicle in northern Baghdad about 12:30 p.m. Thursday, killing one soldier and wounding three others, another statement said. Four other U.S. soldiers were killed and one was wounded Wednesday when their convoy was struck by a roadside bomb in a western neighborhood in the capital, the military said separately.

    Southwest of Baghdad, two U.S. soldiers were killed and four were wounded Wednesday when explosions struck near their vehicle, according to a statement earlier in the day. Two Marines also were killed Wednesday while conducting combat operations in Anbar province, west of Baghdad, the military said.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    We were told by Patraeus to expect some really bad happenings this summer, including casualties so nothing new on the sooth-copperhead’s post.

    The Democrats still want to prematurely surrender Iraq to Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. They continue to talk about this by telling us lies and PR statements.

    I read somewhere that our US troops told their bosses that they need to surround the Al Qaeda, instead of letting them escape. This time, we see ten thousand soldiers surrending Diyala and working our way in to kill and capture AQ.

    In the meantime, we’re trying to release some of the Gitmo’s but some of them are screaming asylum. And we just released Dadulla’s brother as a trade for some reporter????