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Jun 03 2007

Guest Worker Program Still Shows Support

The gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair and the cries of imminent doom and disaster from the far righyt have not been able to kill popular support for the immigration bill and the guest worker program so many immigration hypochondriacs fear to the point of proposing sticking with our current mess even longer. While […]

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Jun 03 2007

al-Qaeda Chemical Attack On Arabs/Muslims

al-Qaeda is in serious desparation in Iraq if it thinks it will be winning converts amongst the Iraq people by attacking them with Chlorine laced bombs: A car bomb exploded about 200 yards from the entrance of a U.S. military base northeast of Baghdad today, unleashing a cloud of chlorine that sickened at least 62 […]

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Jun 03 2007

Iran’s Promise To Destroy Us

Iranian President Ahmedinejad has come out doing his Hitler routine again: The countdown to Israel’s destruction has begun, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a speech commemorating the death of Iranian revolution leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini on Sunday. “The arrogant superpowers and the Zionist regime invested all their efforts during the 33-day war, but after […]

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Jun 03 2007

More Immigration Hypochondriac Foolishness

As I have said many times, sometimes to win a debate you just have to let the other side demonstrate how wrong they are. Much of my current material comes from the hypochondriac postings on my site. They demonstrate over and over how out of control the Bush opponents are. Now they are buying into […]

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Jun 03 2007

The Media And Litvinenko

Someone has produced a very detailed analysis of the media’s bias, lack of curiousity and lack of skepticism in reporting on the Litvinenko story. Thankfully they provided a summary so I do not have to post lots of exceprts. This report will show that… …many headlines and storylines in this story have no apparent basis […]

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Jun 03 2007

The Global Warming Debate

It seems as more and more hype is thrown around the THEORY of Man-Made Global Warming, the scientific community is in full retreat from the wild and unsubstantiated claims from the UN IIPC group – which is the center of the M-MGW view. Now someone has come out and catalogued this flight of top level […]

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