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Jun 22 2007

CAIR Tied To Al Qaeda

It is about time CAIR cleaned out the terrorist sympathizers or just shut its doors if the connections to al-Qaeda turn out to be true: It started out as an investigation into U.S.-based financing of Hamas terrorist operations, which was bad enough. But as federal investigators developed a matrix of suspects, they discovered a possible […]

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Jun 22 2007

More Iraqis Turning In al-Qaeda

The tide is turning in Iraq, like a wave of fresh air rolling over the desert country cleansing it of the red hot hate of brutality and bloodlust that comes with the Islamo Fascists. It seems in every area we are applying the Surge forces and tactics, the locals are turning on al-Qaeda and turning […]

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Jun 22 2007

The Surge Is Massive, And Intense

Many Updates Below The Surge was not just an effort to bring in a lot more troops to walk the streets and man checkpoints. It was meant to clear or purge large areas of the Islamo Fascists so as to reduce the violence in and around Baghdad – where 80% of the violence was taking […]

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Jun 22 2007

For Those Banned

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I have banned a few regular readers for going too far and insulting the host (more than once). For those interested in a second try email me at for a new password on your accounts.

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