Jun 18 2007

al-Qaeda Fails In Lebanon

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A sister Islamo Fascist group allied with al-Qaeda is being crushed in Lebanon – proving to the Middle East and the world that they actually can be beaten:

he Lebanese army is army expected to finish off the terrorists of Fatah al Islam at the Nahr el Bared Palestinian refugee camp within the next 48 hours according to the Lebanese National News Agency.

The Army has already taken over the Al Quds Mosque positions of Fatah al Islam and raised the Lebanese flag over it .

The army has also taken over the al Samed position which was the headquarters of the Fatah Al Islam operation in Nahr el Bared refugee camp

Fatah al-Islam appear to be in total confusion according to eyewitnesses.

al-Qaeda, clearly in alliance with the Iranians and their terrorist groups like Hezbollah, seemed to be part of a push to topple Lebanon (and probably from there take on Israel). They hid out among Palestinian refugees as they gathered their forces and arms. This could not have happened without Syrian and Hezbollah at a minimum looking the other way. But they are being taken care of by the Lebanonese army. The second front on their war against democracy is a failure.

As is their front in Iraq. The Sunnis have risen up against al-Qaeda and pushed them out of Anbar Province an into Diyala – where the US and Iraqis are building forces to corrall the Islamo Fascists. But in Diyala it is not al-Qaeda alone. According to a group of tribal leaders from the region Iran is also fully engaged in the Province.

According to the Reuters Abdul Karim Zahiri, Coordinator of the National Front for the Salvation of the Diyala province which comprises majority of tribal leaders in the province said, the Conference presented evidence and documents on the intervention of the Iranian regime in the Province, which undermines the security through killings carried out by the militias supported by the Iranian Quds Force of the Iranian intelligence.

“Saleh Mutalk, head of the National Dialogue Front and Dr. Abdullah al-Jabouri, former governor of Diyala, attended the conference that was held in the Ashraf Camp, which is located north-west of the city of Baquba and is used by the PMOI.

According to Reuters, the Conference statement said, Massoud Rajavi, Leader of Iranian Resistance in a message to the conference saluted the participants and said the Iranian regime has been implementing a phased plan aimed at the occupation of Iraq since 2003 and continues to do so.

Clearly this site is associated with Iranians who want to topple the current regime. But the statements seem need to be taken seriously. This is not an isolated case of Iran meddling in Iraq – there has been a lot of evidence to that fact. It would be interesting to find Iran and al-Qaeda are coordinating their efforts with in Iraq. Working with the Shiite Persians would not go overwell with the Sunni Arabs. And we need to send a message to Iran regarding their efforts to kill our people – and soon.

But what Lebanon and Iraq show us is the region will fight to defend its democracies, and will shun al-Qaeda and their ilk. If they cannot take Lebanon, which is much smaller and infested with terrorists from Syria and Iran, then I seriously doubt al Qaeda can win in Iraq. We just need to show determination and patience. Giving al-Qaeda a win now could provide them an escape from a possible pending doom at the hands of the regions Muslims.

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  1. clarice says:

    Well, if Israel and America got the “human rights” groups and UN and Media pass at dealing with AQ that Lebanon got, years ago AQ would be a minor footnote in history. Ditto Fatah and Hamas.

  2. ivehadit says:

    So true, Clarice.

    We live in amazing times.

  3. thecentercannothold says:

    Strata again shows his abject lack of knowledge on matters Mideast.
    Sunni Arabs ARE Al Qaeda in part. So much for the Iranian tie-in.

    Next,Maliki’s criticism of US arming of Sunni tribes and his refusal generally to share power with Sunnis shows he is NOT the “democrat” Strata, playing a “Candyland” version of Iraq War analysis, infers he is by contrasting a democratic Iraqi government against the scarecrow al Qaeda.

  4. thecentercannothold says:


    here again, the strategy Strata has focussed on and lauded for the past months is attacked by the Iraqi PM.