Jun 09 2007

Hispanics Will Help Democrats Over GOP

With the immigration hypochondriacs spew how un-American it is to provide a path to legal status here for illegal workers, by paying fines and back taxes and staying away from crime, they have sent a signal to the Hispanic population – both immigrant and recent citizens. A signal that is unmistakable because the rhetoric from the right is seen as condoning a second hand status to America’s recent immigrants. I don’t care what the so called intentions are of the immigration hypochondriacs, I see the results. I see legal and illegal violent criminals left on the street (and the excuse – oh they weren’t going to be picked up anyway, but they will under current law???). And I see the largest minority voting block reacting – and moving towards the Democrats. So let’s recap on how the heroes of America fixed things up here? They left all these criminals on the street, they called Bush a traitor, and they chased the largest growing block of voters to the Democrat side. Not to mention losing a lot of conservative independents who will not jump off the cliff with them. And I get the feeling these folks are just getting started!

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24 Responses to “Hispanics Will Help Democrats Over GOP”

  1. MyGrito says:

    If Democrats really want to win us over, they should sign-up with MyGrito.com — a bilingual social networking site with a Latino twist. We just launched our political page, Tu Grito 2008 (http://www.mygrito.com/candidatos). Presidential candidates can now have direct access to Latino voters through our site. We invite both candidates and Hispanics/Latinos voters to sign-up and put their own “grito” (voice/shout/scream). Information and communication is critical, and this page gives both candidates and voters the opportunity to communicate by members asking questions and candidates having the option to respond directly to each comment or question.

    We believe this is just the beginning for the Hispanic/Latino voter. We are becoming more and more important and powerful with each coming election and this press coverage proves it. If you can’t beat them, join them or lose them.

    En buena hora, MyGrito es tu grito. http://www.mygrito.com

  2. thecentercannothold says:


    Lou Dobbs wife is Hispanic and sides with Dobbs of course– and she realizes politics involves some rough language and isn’t offended.

    Just as decent Jewish critics of Israel realize the Israeli government has been so violently oppressive for so long,it leads to an occasional rough reference to Jews on a worldwide basis and accept it without

  3. momdear1 says:

    Any political party that bases it’s policies on how to get more votes is an abomination and should be abolished. The Democrat Party built it’s base and hung on to power for 50 years by catering to certain organized “minority’ groups. Jesse Jackson explained it well during the 1992 election. ” All we have to concentrate on getting out the vote of our core groups.” while Ross Perot split the opposition vote. It worked so well in 92 that they did the same thing in the 1996 election. And they will try it again in o8 to get Hillary elected , if they can find a disgruntled Republican to sub for Perot. These core groups are made up of organized groups of losers, malcontents, and free loaders who have learned that if they band together and vote in mass they can get all kinds of goodies which are paid for by the hardworking American taxpayers. As De Toqueville said would, they have learned how to vote themselves goodies paid for from the national treasury. Over the past 50 years, the Democrats have honed the art of paying off special interest groups to a fine art. Most of us Conservatives thought the Republican Party was the party of doing what is best for the country and not a party who concentrated on how to pay off and buy votes with public tax money. If the Republicans base their votes on passing or rejecting this immigration bill on whether they will get or lose Hispanic votes they will be no different from the Democrats.

    For years, Republicans have voted with the Democrats to give special rights and government funded services to minority “Civil Rights” groups in hopes of getting a share of the “black vote.” Today they are no closer to getting enough black votes to make a difference than they were when JFK and Lyndon Johnson invented their Great Society give away programs to buy the black vote. Like Pavlov’s dogs. These people have been trained to vote Democrat to get their goodies.

    The Republicans are about as likely to get the “Hispanic vote” as they are to get the “Black Vote.” They are living in a dream world if they think these people ,who have already learned how to organize and make demands, are going to vote for anyone other than whoever will give them the most. Unless the Republicans are prepared to give them the key to the treasury, they can forget getting “their vote. ”

    Those are the facts in todays world. If the Republicans join the Dems in giving away the store in hopes of getting and hanging onto power, then the American people will have no one looking out for them. So, while we still make up over 50% of the population we had better band together and make our wishes known. I think we just did. I hope we can do it again if this thing is brought up again.

  4. DaleinAtlanta says:

    2. The below quotes are from “THECENTERCANNOTHOLD” ; the greatest “hits” from this board in the past couple of days, the Delusional rantings of a Lunar Chiroptera fringe nutbag, who is Racist against not only Jews but Hispanics; who is also Proudly Anti-American and Pro-Jihadi. A worshipper of fellow fringe nutbags from both the left and the right; his “heroes” include: Ron Paul, William Lind, Juan Cole and Pat Buchanan:

    “You’re going to lose both the Southwest and the Mideast.”

    “And yes I said “Surrender to Mexico Strata” because long before ragtag bans of Moslems will make his kids bow to Mecca, the Mexican revanchists will recapture the Southwest for “La Raza.”

    “I would remain silent, avoiding all protest, at the transmogrification of the Southwest,…”

    “Aj of course is an Islamophobiac, which is several degrees worse than a hypochondriac inasmuch as it is Hispanics at 15% and with a nation bordering us, not Moslems at 3% with nations a half a globe away who constitute a challenge.”

    “..as you are to the fifth column of Zionist neocons posing as conservatives who fool dupes like you to shed their children’s blood for Ashkenazi racist endeavours.”

    “…of the neocon quagmire beleiving in traitors and fools who…”

    “….is any Moslem anywhere in the world who wants Israel to give back the West Bank and Samaria to Palestinians and who resents American subsidization of Israel and it is any Moslem in the world who wants American bases and meddling, including CIA meddling in
    Moslem countries elections and government,expurgated from Islamic nations…..”

    You can’t make this stuff up!

    The fact that there are such brain-damaged individuals as he and “Soothsayer”, who actually “pass” as American “citizens”, is almost inconceiveable!