Jun 09 2007

Why The Far Right Is Out Of The Immigration Debate

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The far fight, the immigration hypochondriacs as I like to call them, are working themselves to the margins. Especially when they complain about name calling, at which point I cannot help but think of these people – who call their conservative opposition ‘traitors’ and claim they the only “Real American” position – the whiny immigration hypochondriacs. Politics ain’t for those easily hurt. And hypocrites are just too much to stand after a while. But don’t take my word for it, take the word of Senator Kyl, who like me and many others want tough laws and a strong border, but will not go beyond fines and back taxes for those who have been here illegally for a long period of time:

Chief among the complaints has been the charge that the immigration compromise would offer “amnesty” to 12 million illegal immigrants. Law-and-order conservatives say these people are lawbreakers and shouldn’t be rewarded for cheating. That’s a position Mr. Kyl himself took in his last election. What does he say now about amnesty?
“Everyone has their own definition, I have found,” he says, “I think it is a dead-end debate. We have tried to do as many things as we can to ensure that for those that get to stay, they pay a price, and I don’t think it’s amnesty. For those who say, ‘This bill is amnesty, we shouldn’t pass it,’ one of my responses is, ‘OK, so do you like what we have?'”

He means the current system, in which millions of immigrants are here illegally, and Washington does nothing about it. “This is de facto amnesty,” he says.

In addition to this nonsense from those who have no ideas but endless complaints is the issue of using violent crimes as a reasonable excuse to end our hospitality. The new bill makes it possible to deport people who commit or have committed violent crimes. Not for being here illegally, which is a process crime where fines and reparations (back taxes) are the norm. This is NOT amnesty by a long shot. But this ability to boot the real criminals is being held up by people who want to punish the process crimes more. So what is their lame answer? They say we will keep the hardened criminals until we get enough blood from the process crimes.

The immigration hypochondriacs are as incoherent as they are shrill. We have gang members and murderers and rapists here who we cannot deport under current law because of their violent crimes, but who we could deport tomorrow if this bill passes. No bill is perfect. No law enforcement is perfect. The hypochondriacs complain it will not be 100% effective. Nothing is. But even if it was 50% effective (my guess is it will be more like 85%), that means half the violent criminals who are uninvited guests can be given the boot. I will take that over more marginal hoops for the non-violent illegal aliens any day. But then I am not an immigration hypochondriac.

I would never leave something like 1-2 million criminals on our streets to stiffen penalties on 10+ million people doing nothing more than making a living. Making a living illegally, but still their crime is making a living here without our invitation or permission. But the far right is cheering how they are so much more American than the rest because they found some marginal warts on a bill and left 1-2 million violent illegal aliens on our streets. Imagine the twisted logic that has Malkin and Levin and others crowing about how they left us 1-2 million criminals to go after our children and neighbors. Incoherent? Absolutely. It borders on insanity. More from Kyl on what is going to happen now – and why the far right is properly going to be excluded from the equation:

This reality principle is a point he returns to frequently in our conversation. “There are a lot of things in the bill I’m still not happy with . . . It’s impossible to make the existing system work so we have to change the law, and changing the law requires Democratic votes, so you have to make concessions to Democrats.”

I agree. The far right has left this mess so as to make sure we, the un-American traitors, get a taste of these criminals in a hope we will become as obsessed and inflexible as them. The far right wanted us to “learn a lesson”, and a clear and obvious element of that lesson was to leave the violent criminals here as they diverted talk about lack of enforcement of our current laws. Our current laws don’t work, and they do not allow us to boot people for criminal acts here and prior to coming here. The far right knows this. And they are proud they have left 1-2 million of these criminals here to remind us why they are so pro-enforcement.

Hypocrisy is ripe on the far right. They call conservative opposition traitors as they tear asunder the governing coalition. They call Bush un-American because he stood by his positions he held for almost a decade now. And now they have with malice of forethought, left 1-2 million violent criminals on our streets because they don’t like the fines and back taxes on the non-violent criminals. No wonder we need to move these people out of the picture. Their next move to teach us a lesson could be even worse. They could propose we stop the airport security we put in place after 9-11, to teach us another lesson. This kind of twisted logic makes alliances with these people too high a price. The next citizen to die at the hands of a repeat offender illegal immigrant will have the far right to thank for their lesson. Because clearly it is more important to hammer the non-violent criminals than to get the violent ones out of here. It is so obvious why this is Pro-America, what is best for America, saving America. Can’t all you losers in the center who support the immigration bill see that?

Yeah – we see your logic. Explain it again when another child is attacked. Explain to the parent’s why it was so important to leave the predator we could have gotten off the street right here, to prey again.

Addendum: The supporters of the insanity are all upset I pointed out the fruits of their efforts! Welcome to tough love. Let me be clear, I am simply giving the far right all the credit they are due for stopping everything in this bill. They deserve to be recognized for their achievements. Too harsh? Damn, too bad. The one element of this bill, which made it worthwhile, was the ability to get the hardened criminals who are not citizens of this country out of here. The so-called “law and order” crowd left us with anarchy and criminals. Also known as the ‘status quo’. I will repeat the cold hard facts of life for all those out there upset I find their actions hypocritical and dangerous.

Let’s assume 1 million of the 12+ million here illegally are proven criminals a simple background check from US law enforcement would find immediately. This is actually a LOW estimate if (a) you believe the crime rate in the immigration is higher than the US population and (b) there are many more than 12 million illegal aliens in our country. But let’s just be conservative – in the true sense of the word. 1 million criminal aliens means that is one dangerous person for every 300 people in the US. If your school has 300 kids that means they have their own deadly alien nearby, ready to take one out. If you have 2,000 kids in your high school, you have over 6 of these animals to prey on your school. Cold hard numbers, not gibberish about how many miles of fence are being built.

If the new laws in the bill the far right so proudly derailed could take 85% of these people off the streets and ship them out of this country then that means 850,000 criminals off our streets. But that was ‘imperfection’ to the far right. Forget about their obsession about fines and taxes for the rest of the illegal aliens here, they said there was not enough law enforcement! Instead of leaving us 15 out of hundred, the left us 100 out 100! Their obsessive tunnel vision made it seem rational to them to leave 850,000 criminals on the street because we could not get 1 million? They did not give us anything that would take 1 million off the street; they just said it was better to keep 1 million foreign criminals in this country instead of what might come. Well, what might have come, what was likely to come, was the removal of all but 150,000 of those criminals.

This is the text book example of perfect being the evil of good. The so called American heroes who tout law enforcement over everything else left us with no new laws, no new legal resources and all the criminals we could have booted out of here. Sorry, but I just wanted to make sure those who suffer harm from the 850,000 or so criminals the far right left us knew who to thank. And even, as I said above, the actual performance was 500,000 (50%) reduction – that was 500,000 less victims too. This is the result of the hard work of the far right. I am just giving credit were credit is due. And honestly, I am sorry it hurts anyone’s feelings to be told the harsh truth so brutally. But the fear of the unknown left us the animals who prey on us and our children. Did they do this deliberately? Hell no. They did it because they were ideologically blinded to the ramifications of their actions. Just like liberals cannot fathom the ramifications of giving Iraq to al Qaeda, the far right could not grasp the ramifications of leaving all those foreign criminals here – since there are very few options to get rid of them now. The far right, crowing as the saviors of America, made that decision for all of us. They knew we would applaud their decisions to leave the mess and the criminals and do nothing.

Far right – take a bow. You deserve it. You are the “law and order” defenders. Except when you decide to leave 1-2 million deadly criminals on our streets.

Addendum: We can see the response from the oppoents of the bill that could have saved 100’s of thousands of victims. Denial. They claim current deportation laws would work just fine. Current deportation laws DO NOT expidite the red tape and limit the process for violent criminals. There is no fast track to the exits for violent criminals in current laws. They know this. They are pretending misdemeanor charges on illegal entry can be used to get at criminals. As I posted the far right is delusional in their beliefs in myths like the ones posted below. The fact is under the new law we could deport every repeat criminal we find. Of course they are not going to come forward – they won’t now. But at least when you have them they can get a fast track out of here with the new laws.. If deportation was so simple to do for convicted violent criminals they would be out of here already.

Clearly they are still here and will be until we change the laws so that committing a violent crime trumps all process and appeal otopms.. What we see from the far right is delusion and denial. They claim the new laws would not do anything! They claim the new laws would not be enforced.

They claim a lot – and they have no proof they are right. They claim these outrageous things because they need to believe not a single violent illegal alien would have an expidited and immediate deportation for a violent criminal act, short-cutting the lengthy deportation process we now have for the crime of illegal entry. And let’s not even talk about the LEGAL aliens who commit crimes who too should be deported. We cannot do anything about those criminals, thanks to the far right.

The far right continues this farce because they have to. They went out on a limb and told themselves they were our saviors. They cannot live with themselves if they are, in fact, the force that left the criminals here to prey on our citizens. But they are the ones who did this. They knew this was in the bill. And they made up rationalizations to ignore this so they could be heroes.

They are not heroes. Heroes do not enable violent criminals the opportunity to prey on more victims. If I am right and roughly 850,000 future victims could be saved from criminal violence then it was worth passing the bill and fixing holes and warts with future bills. 850,000 potential victims are now out there because some inflexible people couldn’t believe that a law that would allow immediate deportation could work. Personally, I could not stand the guilt of not first seeing if it could do some good first. Why have any laws at all if you do not believe they will work? Answer that protectors of ‘law and order’!

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  1. Christoph says:

    You’re getting your ass handed to you, AJ, by the last several commentators pointing out your bias-caused blindness in comparing the legislation to the recently proposed bill and your distortions resulting from your bias.

    Everyone has bias, but you seem to have bias in spades. On all topics.

  2. Dc says:

    The “myth” AJ, is that current law does not allow for deportation of criminals and/or people who are a threat to the US. You at first suggested this yourself, then conceeded it does (when I posted the text of the law here), but that there is some red tape involved….um…enforcement issues. duh—what we’ve been saying all along.

    The problem is NOT that there is no law (we haven’t even discussed the changes made to our current laws on this by Homeland Security Act)….it’s that it’s not being ENFORCED. (which you have conceeded yourself, then insist on still referring to it as a myth).

    I’m all for removing the red tape and obstructionist that keep us from enforcing our laws, current or otherwise. I’m not so sure that’s the purpose of this new bill at all. The main purpose of this bill is to convert the status of the people already here illegally and offer them someway to keep working for the low wages they’ve already illegally set in taking over entire segments of our economy.

  3. Christoph says:

    Referencing DC’s last comment, AJ, I’m questioning your honesty in this debate.

  4. Musing says:

    Newt on the enforcement provisions in the big immigration bill…

    Like him or hate him, Newt Gingrich is absolutely correct when he notes that the D.C.immigration-in-crowd (Bush, McCain, and Kennedy) are not likely to give up on their prize bill any time soon.
    He is also correct when he notes that those who pushed th…