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Jun 29 2007

Terror Makes A Frightening Come Back

The insidious car bomb detected in London’s Picadilly Circus area is a bad omen on many fronts: Police thwarted an apparent terror attack early Friday after an ambulance crew reported seeing a smoking car parked near Piccadilly Circus that turned out to be packed with gasoline, nails, gas cylinders, and a detonator. The explosives – […]

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Jun 28 2007

Guess We Need To Dump Some More Hypochondriacs!

I was in meetings all day, but I suspected the vote would not make it based on some early morning indications. I will be looking at the votes but it would seem more far left and far right folks moved to leave us in the same mess we have had for 20+ years. Well, there […]

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Jun 28 2007

Will The GOP Honor Representative Government?

There is a lot of speculation running out there that the immigration bill will fail its cloture vote test this morning. Clearly it will be close. But I think there are enough GOP members who honor the process of democracy more than winning on one issue. After years of bitching and moaning about how all […]

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Jun 27 2007

Time To ‘Nifong’ Ronnie Earle

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Mac Ranger has the great news out of Texas that another power-abusing prosecutor has lost his bid to harrass a law abiding citizen. I am with Mac – time to do a ‘Nifong’ on Ronnie Earl. After that we move onto Patrick Fitzgerald and Comey who jailed journalists even though THEY KNEW who had committed […]

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Jun 27 2007

Al-Qaeda Left With B-Squad Warriors

al-Qaeda continues to take a beating in Iraq and incompetence is starting to show in their actions, meaning al-Qaeda must be scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of fighters and strategists: Killings, kidnaps and arrests marked a new bloody day in conflict-torn Iraq on Wednesday, with at least three Iraqis killed and 10 […]

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Jun 27 2007

Another Poll Confirms The Amnesty Hypochondriacs Small Minority

The Amnesty Hypochondriacs who oppose any legislation that provides a path, with retribution to society, for the illegal aliens here claim to represent 75% of the people. OK, ego-maniacal observations aside (that would mean the GOP had enormous leads in Congress) we also have polls and other DATA to understand what is really going on […]

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Jun 27 2007

50 Years Ago, The Home Computer

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Someone sent me this image from a 1954 Populare Mechanics article on the home computer of 2004. It is a hoot. Sorry I don’t have time to do a blow up version of the picture right now, but the caption says: “Scientists from the RAND Corporation have created this model to illustrate how a “home […]

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Jun 27 2007

Save The GOP Or Save America?

Update: As if to prove my point about the vitriol spewing from the GOP, someone I admired for a long time has jumped the shark and proven what I said below. Today the MSM announced that yet another Republican has jumped ship and called for retreat from the war in Iraq. … Senator Lugar (channeling […]

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Jun 27 2007

Two “Optimistic” Views On The Immigration Bill

Putting aside the wails of the end of America as we know it from the Amnesty Hypochondriacs (and yes, I am so done with their caterwhalling) there are some people out there still striving for a good bill. Here is one I found at RCP with a list of additions to the bill I could […]

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Jun 27 2007

Tunguska Mystery May Be Close To Being Solved

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There is news out that 100 years after some object slammed into the Siberian wilderness the source of the Tungaska Incident may finally have been discovered: n late June of 1908, a fireball exploded above the remote Russian forests of Tunguska, Siberia, flattening more than 800 square miles of trees. Researchers think a meteor was […]

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