Jun 29 2007

I Would Check For Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Material In Car Bomb

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The streets surrounding the car bomb incident are eerily familiar to those who followed the Litvinenko saga last fall and this spring. But there are also parallels to the terrorist ring the UK recently rounded up as well:

The potentially devastating attempted car bomb attack today is a disturbing echo of the plans of master al Qaeda terrorist Dhiren Barot.

The diminutive fanatic from Kingsbury assembled a gang who plotted to kill thousands of people both in Britain and the United States.

One plan was to pack three cars with gas cylinders and explosives and detonate them in car parks beneath targets in London and New York.

His masterplan also included unleashing radioactive “dirty bombs” and detonating a bomb under the Thames to flood the Tube, as well as targeting the IMF, World Bank and financial institutions in New York, Washington and Chicago.

Just a friendly reminder to the UK authorities: Polonium cannot easily be detected. And I still think a bunch of it is still missing from last fall’s round of smuggling the material through London, along the very same streets we find this car bomb at today.

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3 Responses to “I Would Check For Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Material In Car Bomb”

  1. thecentercannothold says:

    Let’s not put it past the Mossad to frame Islamics. Or
    the UK government itself.

    Blair lied about the WMDs and got away with it, didn’t he?
    “Saddam can hit us in 45 minutes time,” riight.

    Who can you trust these days?

  2. jimbo1 says:

    The center cannot hold….Out of fear of AJ banning me…I’ll let your idiot ramblings..

  3. crosspatch says:

    I would also look for a minimum of 3 car bombs total. These people generally don’t do single attacks, they are generally multiples and generally in groups of three or more.