Mar 29 2007

Breaking: Gonzales & Miers OK With AG Action

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In the world of the obvious the news media is all atwitter with the news AG Gonzales and Counsel Miers did not object to (in other words ‘OKed’) the dismissal of 8 US prosecutors is nothing short of stunningly obvious. I mean, duh! – the 8 were dismissed. Obviously these two key voices in the administration did not challenge the move! Our news media is so juvenile it is embarrassing. The obvious fascinates them to no end and the complex baffles them beyond belief. And they think both conditions reflect badly on Bush – too funny.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    Here is the problem … the President sets enforcement priorities. He might say “We are going to crack down on illegal immigration” or “we are going to crack down on drug smuggling” or “we are going to crack down on organized crime”. Now if various US-A take it upon themselves not to crack down on those things and instead, spend their resources investigating other things that are not a priority at the moment, while they might do very well in those investigations, they are not producing a result that is consistent with administration policy.

    That is what is going on here. The ones that were cut loose were not in line with administration enforcement policies. So while on one hand you might look at their overall conviction rate and say that their performance has been good, you might also look and see that the convictions have been for people downloading music on the Internett which isn’t as high a priority for the administration.

    A US-A can not set their own policy. They are paid to reflect the policy of the administration to which they belong. When those are at odds, it is the duty of the president to replace the US-A. Plain and simple.

    If your boss tells you that project A is high priority and you spend all your time on Project D … which you might be very. very good at … what happens to you?

  2. sammy small says:

    The MSM is just following the lead of the Dems in creating a “scandal” out of anything they think will get traction. Its all about payback for Slick Willie. Its a shame that the Reps don’t just flip them off and counter with their own version of the same game. They need to realize that this is what politics has become and either join in or be scandalized out of office.

  3. kathie says:

    That is true Crosspatch—–and that is why Myers did not want those went to Capital Hill to say they were let go for job performance, it wasn’t what they performed but what they did not perform. If it had been stated in a less caustic way nobody would have to come forward to protect their integrity as a lawyer. What they performed was good, they just didn’t perform far enough. But who cares, if you can make a mountain out of a mole hill, why not and make the administration pay a heave price. This is especially true when you have MSM caring your water for you, like the Dems do. Our Country is in great trouble when the media can not even report a hint of both sides of the story. It is sick. I am so fed up!

  4. Soothsayer says:

    The highpoint of the morning had to be when Sen. Whitehouse elecited testimony from Sampson that he although he had worked on the project (i.e., replacing US Attorneys) for over two years, generating thousands of e-mails, etc., he did not keep a file:

    SW: When you were in charge of this project, did you keep a file, on this project?

    KS: I think it would be too much to say that I kept a file. In my lower right hand desk drawer I kept the charts that I referred to in answering Senator’s Harden’s question. It was just sort of a drop file that was changed in and out. I think in looking back and reviewing the documents in preparation for this testimony, I see there were a lots of lists at different times, but as I say to Seantory Cronyrn, I didn’t keep one list.

    SW: But, did you keep one file where you kept information related to this project?

    KS: Again, just sort of a drop file in my lower right hand desk drawer.

    SW: Did somebody else keep it for you?

    KS: Uh, no. Uh, There really was no file…there really was no documation of this, it was an aggregation of views . . .

    When Whitehouse asked where the file that was not a file might be, Sampson replied, “Well, I don’t know, I’m no longer at the Department of Justice.”

    Hoo-boy – this can only get better.

  5. Terrye says:


    So the hell what? There are honest to God crimes committed in this country every damn day, and this is the kind of petty mindnumbing crap people like you get off on it.

  6. crosspatch says:

    “The MSM is just following the lead of the Dems in creating a “scandal” out of anything they think will get traction.”

    They are selling “wolf tickets” and at some point will run out of buyers.

  7. Terrye says:

    People like soothsayer remind me of the witch hunters. They would throw someone in the cow pond and if they drowned, they were innocent.

  8. Carol_Herman says:

    Sorry. But this is an old story. So far not solved by Bush’s handlers.

    Fuhget the media.

    What’s unfortunate to watch is that Bush surrounds himself with very lackluster staff. Worse. He was prompted through a sense of his own entitlement; to offer Harriet Miers O’Connor’s seat on the Supremes. Which is still one of the left hooks, self-delivered, from which he won’t recover.

    This guy, Sampson, meanwhile, is some piece of work!

    You can be sure AG Gonzales was attending meetings “every two weeks.” On par with putting a potted plant in the room.

    And, Sampson has an axe to grind.

    Who knew the whole collection of staff were all this back-biting and lackluster?

    Gosh. Paul O’Neill put it out there back in 2002. No one is going to improve on that book!

    And, yes. There will be changes! Both algore and bush “rose” to be nominated by an insider’s club. The donks haven’t repaired their ship, yet. But the old primary system that the Bush family took such advantage of? It will go the way of bottled milk delivered fresh each morning to your door.

    Does Bush know what hit him, yet?

  9. The Macker says:

    The left, through its media apparatus and political apparatus, thrives on illusion. The illusion of scandal, the illusion of defeat, the illusion of a poor economy, the illusion of lost civil tights, the illusion that Bush is stupid………
    These illusions target certain people who are easily deceived and are manufactured by some who are not fooled at all.

  10. Retired Spook says:

    These illusions target certain people who are easily deceived and are manufactured by some who are not fooled at all.

    Macker, the agenda behind our public education system shines through loud and clear, does it not?

  11. ivehadit says:

    Excellent post, Macker.

    Illegitimate and they know it.

  12. Soothsayer says:


    You actually BELIEVE a guy – the chief of staff of the Attorney General of the United States of America works on a project for over two years – and never opens a file or keeps the related documents for reference? Or at the very least has one of his administrative assistants or secretaries keep such a file? And if not – then WHY NOT? He’s either a weasel or an incompetent.

    If you believe Sampson’s story – then I’ve got some swampland in lower Florida that would make a perfect vacation spot for ya.