Mar 25 2007

Shiia Backed By Iran Are Attacking Sunnis

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I do not believe in coincidence, so I can only conclude that the bombing of a Sunni Mosque south of Baghdad was part of the escalation of events in Iraq being orchestrated by Iran to try and save al Qaeda’s hide in Iraq. It is too convenient to have al Qaeda call for immediate Sunni support to Jihad which is then followed by the kidnapping of 15 British Sailors on patrol off the waters of Iraq, which is then followed by this attack. More attacks reported here on Sunnis, which must be in response to the fact Sunni tribesman have been changing alliances and siding with the Iraqi government.

All too serendipitous for my taste. Iran is using Shiia to start the Shiia-Sunni regional war which would pit some of America’s strongest Middle East allies against Iran. Of course the wild card here is Syria – which is both Sunni run and Baathist. Iran’s and al Qaeda’s attacks on the Sunni’s may end up finally peeling Syria away from the terrorists. Clearly al Qaeda is hurting and Iran is stepping up in very open and dangerous way to try and stop the coalition’s recent successes. But will it work? The killing of innocent Muslims by radical Muslims (especially the killing of Arab Muslims by Persian Muslims) is one of the best ways to communicate to the Arab and Muslim street the choice at hand. The Islamo Fascists have given up trying to win the hearts and minds and are now out for pure, brutal submission. The final scene on the war on Iraq may be coming. It will be brutal, as are all the final death throes of idealogical wars. Look at WWI and WWII to see how the fighting escalates to a pinnacle of bloodshed before final defeat. al Qaeda and their state sponsors will not go quietly, they are – by definition – destined to die for their cause.

What really disturbs me though is the avalanche of media propaganda from leftists and socialists groups in the West which seem to be hitting the airwaves in the same coordinated fashion as the Iranian escalation. Look at all the output this weekend. Coincidence?

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  1. DaleinAtlanta says:

    AJ: sorry to undermine your argument here, but Syria is Not “Sunni run”!

    In fact, that little fact, has escapted our State Department, and IC, for decades, and for decades, I’ve tried to tell them what it is as well!

    Syria in fact, is dominated by the martial, mountain minority SHIA sect, the Alawis! (they say 11% in this article, I’ve never seen a number for Alawis so low in Syria; I think 18% is more accurate)

    The Assad Clan, pere and fils, were/are both SHI’TES of the “Alawi” “flavor”!

    Approximately 18% of the Syrian population is Alawi, yet, they’ve dominated Syrian politics, the Military, and the country, for the past 50 years!

    Have you never wondered about the evil convergence of Hezballah/Shia Lebanon, Syria, and Shia Iran?

    That’s why, they’re all Shia!

    The situation we thus have in Syria, is the polar opposite of the situation in Iraq, under Saddam, which was a 20% Sunni Arab minority, dominating a country where the remainder of the population was either Shia, or Kurds (made up of Shia and Sunni); and other groups such as Christians (Chaldeans, Assyrians, etc.); some small percentage of Jews, a sect called the Mandaean (who are John the Baptist worshipers, but NOT Jessus); the Yezidis (not really Muslims; worship a Peacock type deity, who is considered to a Fallen Angel (yes, some have said it is “Satan”)); etc.

    In Syria, you have the 18% Shia Alawis, some Christians, some small amount of Jews, and the rest are Sunnis!

    That’s why Assad, the Pere, killed over 20,000 Muslim Brotherhood adherents, up in Homs, in the early 1980’s, when they challenged him! And, as we know, the Muslim Brotherhood, is the epitome of Sunni Salafiyyah movements, and of course, they were rebelling against the “Apostate” Shia in charge of the country!

    Differences in both Syria and Iraq, led to the Syrian Ba’athist party becoming dominated by the Shia; and the Iraqi Ba’athist party becoming dominated by the Sunnis!

    THAT’S why Syria and Iraq, both supposedly “Ba’asthist” “secular” states starting in the 1950’s thru to the fall of Saddam, were such natural enemies, rivals, etc., and could never be reconciled!

    Didn’t you ever wonder about that? Doesn’t the clueless MSM ever wonder about that, and try to explain it?

    Has the idiotic State Department, “gotten it”, YET??

    There is a “twist” though, the Alawis, are not the standard, Iranian style “Ithna-Asheri” (12 Imams), Usuli (Cononical school); Shias, like the Iranians!

    They are a different type; many different types, in fact. Alawis, recognize, anywhere from only 5 of the Shia Imams, up to and including 12 of the Shia Imams.

    But, like all Shias, they have a tendancy to stick together (Any Shi’ite in a Storm, I always say..); in view of the fact that All types of Shias, still only constitute ~10% of the Muslim population worldwide, and has for centuries. So, they will stick together, in the face of Sunni “repression”, all the time.

    That’s why, I always get a joke out of these MSM stories, and suppositions, that FINALLY, Syria is getting ready, to break away from Iran, start doing “good” in Lebanon, join the GWOT on the US side, abandon Iran & Hezballah, and repent/reform!

    THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, as long as the Assad Clan/the Alawis, are in charge of Syria!


    All the rest, all the “show”, is just part of the Byzantine political “game”, Shias in particular, Muslims in general, play, to keep themselves in power, and screw everybody else!

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    Ah, yes. Trying to guess what happens “next,” when “next” is in the future, presents problems for the simple reason that INTO THE FUTURE IS NOT LINEAR!

    Yeah. I know. You put words into sentences. And, you read them from left to right. And, you think you can guess and make it so. When “so” so rarely happens.

    That’s why it’s called guess work.

    It’s not as if Bush is without choices. But perhaps he is without spine? Perhaps, he’s not prepared?

    Because? He’s the Realtor for the HOUSE OF SAUD.

    And, the military isn’t “ready.”

    15 Brits are taken out of rubber rafts. And, all you can see, actually, is that the diplomatic pants dancers are having a spree.

    Oh. And, the House of Saud is not only anti-Semitic; they just told “Ban,” (the replacement part for Kofi), that an Israeli journalist can’t travel with him, when he lands in Riyadh. And, you’re not gonna go and change what you can’t change, anyway, now are ya?

    So, don’t get your hopes up.

    Bush got involved in Iraq; but the plans went “oops.” Those plans involved giving the House of Saud … IRAQ. Sans Saddam; who would have put up a viscious fight.

    Syria? You’re kidding me? You think Syria is gonna play ball with America? Syria didn’t even want to play ball with the IDF, last summer. While James Baker was DICTATING to Olmert; to go IN, and chop the giraffe’s head off.

    What can you do?

    But first things first. You won’t solve this one by wishful thinking.

    You won’t even solve it by keeping America’s navy “in fighting shape,” but never used.

    You mean Iran still has a port?

    It hasn’t felt the earth shattering sounds of what happens when Americans respond?

    Well, 15 British men, in captivity are Tony Baloney Blair’s problems. And, he’s NOT talking to Bush! He’s not giving green lights, either.

    And, unlike Dunkirk, we don’t have to make a decision, here, to drop all the french navy into the sea, so Hitler doesn’t get it.

    Besides, that’s the past. You can analyze the past in linear fashion.

    Won’t work for what needs to be done, ahead.

    Bush is way too weak to lead. And, even worse. Can’t give s speech to save his life. Let alone dudes not from his country. Who have Tony Blair ready to screw up the works.

    Bush will lay low. And, not do anything, linear, anyway. Because he doesn’t want to get any more unpopular than he already is.

    Linear? That means “good will” counts. The future? Doesn’t depend, here, on a quick solution, either.

    A good military has what to excerise against. And, Iraq might as well be the hell hole.

    Because? Diplomatic pants dancers don’t change much that’s already KNOWN. Because it’s happened before.

    At least for the good news. No one, any longer, mentions Condi’s name as presidential, or vice presidencial crap. Not that Bush wouldn’t try to pull a fast one, if nature pulled Cheney out of the job.

    You just never know what the boob in the White House is capable of doing, to make matters worse.

    So, we walk softly.

    Yeah. It gets interesting next March. When the GOP has a handle on the mainstream’s desires. And, the one candidate who can win the White House appears. While the boob in the White House dead ends a lot of “other” republican careers. Maybe, a few bad generals, and admirals, to boot.

    Our military really could use a house cleaning.

    But it’s all in the future. Linear thinking won’t help you guess at how things pan out.

  3. Terrye says:

    Iran is playing both ends against the middle, they do it all the time. That is how they have suvived. Look at Lebanon.

  4. crosspatch says:

    What would probably completely toss a wrench in the works for Iran in all of this is if all the media and blogs to simply go silent on it. Treat it as a minor border incident and not allow Iran to fan emotions. Iran is very good at pressing western emotional buttons. They play the western media like a fiddle.

  5. kathie says:

    I think you Carol should be the next President, you can think, you are good with words and you are way, way smarter then anybody on earth. We need someone with all the answers and someone who knows who all the stupid people are. I think you qualify just perfectly. I vote for you.

  6. Soothsayer says:

    escalation of events in Iraq being orchestrated by Iran to try and save al Qaeda’s hide in Iraq.


    Could we go back to Iraq 101 so some members of the class can learn that al-Qaeda is a Sunni muslim organization. So the idea of Iran “trying to save al-Qaeda’s hide in Iraq” by blowing up a Sunni mosque is patently absurd.

  7. AJStrata says:


    Sunnis and Shia support countries throughout the region. The model, for those still dealing in 101 anything, is Stalin and Churchill and Roosevelt. They were mortal enemies, but allied against Hitler and Japan out of necessity. But keep posting. The naivete’ of the left is something everyone should be exposed to. For their won safety.

  8. DaleinAtlanta says:


    Could we go back to Iraq 101 so some members of the class can learn that al-Qaeda is a Sunni muslim organization. So the idea of Iran “trying to save al-Qaeda’s hide in Iraq” by blowing up a Sunni mosque is patently absurd.

    Left by Soothsayer on March 26th, 2007

    Ah, “Soothsayer” is a poor choice of name for someone who is obviously so clueless…..

    The convergence of Ithna-Asheri Apocalypic Shi’ite Jihadis, with Salafiyyah Sunni Jihadis, had been ongoing, to fight the “Apostates” (US), has been ongoing for over 16 years, and has coalesced in many places!

    But of course, you know that right, because instead of being a Leftwing Pro-Jihadi, Anti-American Nutbag, who betrays their own hydrocephalic simian roots, and who reflexively roots for anything Anti-American, you actually choose to educate yourself on the FACTS…..correct?

    Because, if you did, you’d KNOW the following:

    a) Iranian (Shia) backed Hezballah (Shia) Jihadis, in Southern Lebanon, took in, protected, and taught Palestinian Hamas (Salafiyyah Sunni Muslims) Jihadis how to build and conduct Homicide bomb attacks in Israel, since the early 1990’s!

    You knew that, correct?

    b) Osama Bin Laden’s son (Salafiyyah Sunni), and other high-ranking members of Al Qaeda (all Salafiyyah Sunnis), have been hanging out in, and receiving “protection” from the IRGC (Shia Iranians); since the Taliban and Al Qaeda were kicked out of Aghanistan by US Forces in late 2001!

    You knew that, correct?

    c) The Government and Military and Intelligence sectors in Syria (all Alawi Shias), have been “hosting”, protecting, funding, and providing “training camps” for both Al Qaeda (Salafiyyah Sunnis) and former Ba’athists from Iraq (Iraqi Sunnis), in Syria, since the fall of Saddam in March 2003!

    Ah, you knew that, correct?

    d) Have you ever wondered how Al Qaeda in Iraq, communicates with, and moves men and supplies from Afghanistan, over to Iraq, with Iran in between them? Which is happening all the time, by the way!

    Ever wonder about that? Isn’t Al Qaeda in Iraq, and Afghanistan, Salafiyyah Sunni? Isn’t Iran, predominently Shia, and it seperates the two? Do you think that happens without the knowledge, support, and encouragement of the Iranian mullahocracy, the IRGC, etc. (all Shias!)???

    But, then again, you knew that, correct?

    Freaking Moron! Go Educate yourself, before you come back here and post!

    Typical Leftist Nutbag, never let the Facts, nor Truth, get in the way, of a good Leftist rant!