Mar 13 2007

Smoke And Mirrors In Dems Latest Surrender Plan

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The Democrats are trying to do their bate and switch again regarding their promise to do something about Iraq:

THE RESTRICTIONS on Iraq war funding drawn up by the House Democratic leadership are exquisitely tailored to bring together the party’s leftist and centrist wings. For the Out of Iraq Caucus, which demands that Congress force a withdrawal of all U.S. troops by the end of this year, there is language that appears to deliver that mandate, albeit indirectly. For those who prefer a more moderate course, there is another withdrawal deadline, in August 2008. Either way, almost all American troops would be out of Iraq by the time the next election campaign begins in earnest. And there are plenty of enticements on the side: more money for wounded veterans, for children’s health, for post-Hurricane Katrina reconstruction.

The only constituency House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ignored in her plan for amending President Bush’s supplemental war funding bill are the people of the country that U.S. troops are fighting to stabilize.

The WaPo is being to kind to Pelosi – no one is going to cheer this mealy-mouthed, toothless wonder. The Bill, by hinting this AND that stands for nothing. And I still find it pathetic the Dems demand the war be won before they have to run on it. The Dems cannot sell losing, so they keep applying different grotesque shades of gaudy lipstick trying to find one which will blind America and make them feel like the Dems accomplished something. Never going to happen.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    The Lancet Report is a fallacy used by martin-sooth-copperhead and his lefties. Bush does NOT have the blood of 600,000 Iraqis on his hands. The Bush ADM is not the first in 50 years to argue that torture is okay. Our own military undergoes through this in some of their boot camps, which had been going on when Clinton was in office. Gitmo detainees are NOT citizens of USA. Warrantless wiretappings have been going on since 1952. Halliburton happened to be the ONLY company that had the means to handle the logistics in that very short timeframe. Some no-bid or solo bid contracts are necessary and justified.

    Fitz is the one that established a new branch – affecting our own US Constitution, btw, and martin-sooth-copperhead endorses this.

    Just wait until martin-sooth-copperhead and his lefties become subjected to Dhimmitude and they would learn to realize that this is NOT fascism having no effect to our US Constitution.

    Dennisa, no wonder martin-sooth-copperhead happened to be the mouthpiece of Richard Hofstadter. Nope, not an accurate description claimed by martins-sooth-copperhead. Typical paranoia coming from the likes of Richard Hofstadter, martin-sooth-copperhead and his lefties.

  2. dennisa says:

    Having been attacked once, and threatened continuously, fear of Islamic terrorism is not paranoid.

  3. ivehadit says:

    And how many Iraqi’s blood does a certain poster have on his hands from Saddam’s “shredders” and mass graves…because this poster of the Left doesn’t see the tyranny and mind control of so many dictators in the ME…which keeps the threat of terrorism growing…from the sickness the tyranny breeds…

    No wonder things were just status quo during the 90’s…while the terrorists sharpened their swords…

    George W. Bush: the only President to take it directly to the terrorists and let them know that their fantasy of destroying the United States was that: a fantasy.

    George W. Bush: the only President to let the terrorists know that we are willing to die for our America the Beautiful, the country we love.

    But alas, all my posting is truly useless on the pathology of the Liberals…serious therapy is needed for them and I don’t have the time.