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Dec 08 2006

Radiation Shows Up In Hamburg, Germany

OK, one more piece in the puzzle as radiation has been detected in the Hamburg apartment of Dmitry Kuvton: German police say they have found indications of radiation in an apartment apparently used by a contact of fatally poisoned former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. The traces of radiation turned up in the northern city of […]

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Dec 08 2006

Zakayev Destroys Case For Putin Assassination Order

Leave it to the bungling Polonium smugglers to shoot off their mouths again and actually make the case against a Putin assassination hit on Litvinenko as they try to make the opposite point: Akhmed Zakayev, a former Chechen resistance leader now exiled in London, told The Independent: “There wouldn’t have been such a scandal surrounding […]

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Dec 08 2006

Strange Report On Poisoned Cup

This seems a bit wierd and doesn’t explain much of the contamination.

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Dec 08 2006

Litvinenko Probe Moves To Hamburg Germany

I am not surprised at the news that the Litvinenko investigation has moved to Hamburg, Germany. Dmitry Kovtun, one of the two Russians now in a Moscow hospital and the subject of conflicting reports that he has become seriously ill due to Polonium 210 poisoning, has his residence in Germany. This still may be part […]

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Dec 08 2006

The Fruity Jim Baker

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I don’t have a link but Jim Baker said the President shouldn’t treat his Iraq Surrender Group’s (H/T Rush Limbaugh) Surrender Plan as a “fruit salad”. Since it was the product of a bunch of fruit cakes, I can not for the life of me understand why Baker would think Bush wasn’t taking his team […]

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Dec 08 2006

Order Of Contamination

Major Update: Bumping this to the top. As I predicted if this was a smuggling ring exposed by and accidental (and severe) contamination event the Russians involved would start to get seriously ill. We can now add Lugovoi to the list of those with a heavy dose of Polonium. It would seem he and Kuvton […]

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Dec 08 2006

The Security Firms In The Litvinenko Case

It is interesting that we see a recurrence of ‘security firms’ in the Litvinenko contamination incident. Lugovoi ran a security firm. It seems Kovtun was a partner in one such firm. And I believe the third man at the Millenium Hotel, Sokolenko, worked for such a firm. While Lugovoi went to London three times in […]

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Dec 08 2006

Zakayev’s Other Wild Claim

Not only did Ltivininko’s neighbor, friend, and Muslim Chechen Leader Zakayev say the West would reap dirty money, dirty crime and a dirty bomb for its association with Russia (see earlier post here), he also made the wild claim that Russia was using Polonium-210 as a wide spread weapon against Chechen rebels: Separatist emissary Akhmed […]

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