Dec 08 2006

Zakayev’s Other Wild Claim

Not only did Ltivininko’s neighbor, friend, and Muslim Chechen Leader Zakayev say the West would reap dirty money, dirty crime and a dirty bomb for its association with Russia (see earlier post here), he also made the wild claim that Russia was using Polonium-210 as a wide spread weapon against Chechen rebels:

Separatist emissary Akhmed Zakayev’s claims that federal forces were allegedly using radioactive isotope polonium-210 during the anti-terrorist campaign in Chechnya are wrong and unfounded, Chechen Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov said in Grozny on Thursday, according to the Interfax agency.

OK, this is as crazy as the assassination theory using Polonium 210 which is highkly expensive and hard to handle safely. It seems the folks around Litvinenko will say anything to keep the idea alive this Polonium that has been discovered coming into the UK – possibly in three fairly large shipments – is anything but a smuggling effort for nuclear material. Nuclearl material known to be part of crude nuclear weapons and a potential material for a dirty bomb. Is he just being wide-eyed with this or is he foreshadowing where the next traces of Polonium 210 might show up?

In this reporting Zakayev claims someone in 2004 in prison died of the same symptoms – but it is easy to make things up and force someone to try and prove they did not happen.

Zakaev said in his Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung interview that Chechen leaders had also been poisoned with polonium-210 in the past, and cited the case of rebel field commander Lecha Ismailov. “He died in 2004 in Moscow’s Lefortovo prison after drinking tea with two FSB officers,” Zakaev told the newspaper. The symptoms were the same – hair falling out, internal hemorrhaging.”

We need more than this and we need to know why Ricin or some other faster poison was not used. And how do we know the man was not apprehended after he had been exposed to nuclear material like Polonium 210 and died weeks or months later because it took that long to manifest itself? Interestingly, this strange death of a Russian only months after being jailed did happen and is . It is a fascinating read but seems like pure propoganda:

Chechens who were held at Lefortovo in those years all died by unnatural deaths. Like Salman Raduev. And ex-Minster of Security of Chechen Republic, young healthy man of 34, Atgeriev also died in camp a few months after his arrival. Chechen General Lecho Ismailov in the end of 2002 was calling from his cell to Movsar Baraev at the theater of Dubrovka. Ismailov gave a favor to the FSB-officers, who asked him to call Baraev in order to distract his attention from upcoming storming of theater building by FSB troops using poisoned gaz. Later, after eating sandwiches and drinking farewell tea with “Chekists” Ismailov died on his way to camp: in prison compartment of railroad train. Chekists probably miscalculated: Ismailov supposed to die in camp. Interesting detail: Ismailov have lost all his hair before dying.

To put this into perpsective with Litvinenko’s death one must remember he ingested 50-100 lethal doses (worth 30 million euro) and died over three weeks. One can only imagine the amount of Polonium that would be required to knock someone off within hours like this. It is interesting that these people point to these deaths and connect them to the Litvinenko death. Propaganda always has a vein of truth through it so as to make it believable.

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  1. Lizarde1 says:

    I still think Litvinenko was the originator of the smuggling scheme and Luguvoi and Kovtun were the purchasers. I think Litvinenko wanted this stuff for his Chechen friends for a purpose that isn’t pretty – I think even more unpleasant things were prevented from happening in London by accident. I still think there was a Christmas terror attack of some kind planned for London. It is amazing to me that the media isn’t looking into this angle – Britain is known to be expecting terror attacks in the near future — is it because these people are not pakistanis that everyone seems to be only playing the Russian angle? The only other possibility is that it all has something to do with Berezovsky’s desire to overthrow Putin.

  2. tempester says:

    I dont think the Chechens have any reason to attack the UK, if they wanted to perpetrate an atack it would be within Russia. I think the whole point Litvinenko was trying to make to the world was that the Chechens Cause is one of Independence – as distinct from the case of al-qeada. The claim is that Russia using the ‘war on terror’ as an excuse to prevent independence in Chechnya. It is why it is claimed that the Russian caried out acts of terrorism and attributed it to the Chechens so that they could go to war without a back lash from Russian citizens and the world community. We sould not be too distracted by the fact that they are Muslims.

  3. Barbara says:

    Maybe they planned a dirty bomb in London and wanted to blame the Russians. That would cause a lot of trouble and they hoped it would turn the west away from Russia. Although I don’t know how this would help the Chechen cause.

    Zaparev is in this up to his eyebrows. He’s spinning like mad to divert questions about having polonium in the first place. He and Goldfarb. Zaparev and Bereszovsky are in this together. And the whistle has been blown. I’ll bet the intelligence in both UK and Russia are on high alert and looking into this. Just not saying anything. They’re both scared to death that the Brits will turn them over to Russia if it is proved they were involved. And they just might.

    As for Chechen forces poisoned by polonium during the wars with Russia, why bring it out now? Nothing was ever said about this use or the way this man died in prison before. He probably died from thallium. Isn’t that Russia’s poison of choice?

  4. mariposa says:

    Barbara, who is Zaparev? Do you mean Akhmed Zakayev?

  5. tempester says:

    I believe this is not just about Chechnya, I think it is about the end of the soviet empire and those who would like to see it revived. Today is teh 15th aniversary of the end of teh Soviet Union. There could be a group targeting those who have benefited (the oligarchs), Gaidar was poisoned and he was a proponent of privatisation which led to the creation of the Oligarchs. I would suspect that there were multiple targets and perhaps we have yet to see more victims emerge. I also read that Bulgaria has today declassified files pertaining to the soviet era – and the attempted assasination of the Pope.

  6. Snapple says:

    Zakaev used to be close to the deposed and killed President of Chechnya, Makhaev, who supported our invasion of Iraq. If these Chechens are linked to Al Qaeda why do these Chechens support the US War on terror? Why do they criticize Al Qaeda?

    Here is Radio Liberty on Zakaev. He says that the Russians are trying to link him to Al Qaeda, which he criticized:

    June 20, 2006 — Chechen separatists have denied any contacts with an Al-Qaeda-linked group in Iraq that said it has abducted four Russian diplomats, demanding that Russia pull its troops out of Chechnya.

    Akhmed Zakayev, the exiled foreign minister in the self-declared Chechen separatist government, demanded that the Mujahedin Shura Council release the four Russian Embassy employees without any conditions.

    In a statement posted on a separatist website, Zakayev also said the Al-Qaeda-linked group’s statement looked like an attempt to blacken the name of the Chechen rebel movement and a “provocation by Russian special services.”

  7. Snapple says:

    For some reason, what I wrote is linking to some site called the X-ile.

    I didn’t do that.

    People should see what Maskhadov and Zakayev say on

    They are critical of Al Qaeda and support the US War on terror.

  8. Snapple says:

    How do you know that it is “crazy” that the Russians used polonium against the Chechens.

    They poisoned the Pope for crying out loud.

    Lots of Chechen kids were made very ill by some mystery illness and the Russians closed down the stories on it.

    Read what all the Russian dissidents who have been murdered under Putin are saying.

  9. Barbara says:


    Yeah, I mean Zakayev. Just lazy about spelling.

    Actually I wouldn’t put anything past Putin or Russia. They probably did close down any information about the kids getting sick. These are sicko power mad people.

    I’m just saying that Chechnya had a dirty bomb in 1995 so this is not new to them. If they had one once they could have one again or are trying to get one. But it could be that Zakayev was not involved. Possible but not likely. Maybe Bereszovsky was doing this with just Litvinenko. But the fact that polonium was brought into the UK is the scary part. It could have come from Russia or it could have come from Iran. Who knows? What I want to know is what did they plan to do with it.

  10. Snapple says:

    Why did they destroy the evidence so fast after these bombing the Chechens supposedly did? they destroyed the evidence in only 10 days. Why did they begin destroying evidence the very day of the bombing? That’s not how we investigated Oklahoma and 9-11.

    Moscow Times
    September 21, 1999
    EDITORIAL: Does Buried Evidence Solve Blasts?

    Russians have spent the past few days trying to put behind them the string of devastating bombings that have left 230 people dead in Moscow and Volgodonsk.

    And their government has helped – by packing up survivors, putting forth an inexorable single versiya and razing the Moscow explosion sites.

    On Saturday, the bombed-out shell of the apartment block on Ulitsa Guryanova was destroyed in a controlled implosion, reducing to rubble the remains of the building and irreparably burying beneath it any remaining traces of evidence – just 10 days after the explosion.

    Workers at Kashirskoye Shosse, meanwhile, began clearing rubble from the site as early as Sept. 13 – the day of the bombing. Dumping everything from blood-covered bricks to furniture to family mementos in a nearby lot, emergency workers left the remains of the leveled building to be freely picked over by scavengers.

    The rest depends on forensics. Whatever evidence managed to be collected in the extremely short span of time between the bombings and subsequent cleanup efforts is all that will ever exist in the two Moscow incidents. (In the Oklahoma City bombing, five weeks of intensive search efforts passed before the building was imploded; the site itself remained open for three months.

    However, the case was ultimately cracked not by on-site evidence, but by following the paper trail.) The Moscow cases may be simply solved, but if they’re not, untold traces of chemical residue, fingerprints, technical fragments, or hair and DNA samples that were present at the sites are now irrevocably lost.

    Is this ignorance? In the capital city of a country where the current prime
    minister, Vladimir Putin, was once its top security official, the assumption sells the FSB short. The Federal Security Service has the equipment, know-how and political clout required to perform a proper investigation.

    It also has the connections necessary to request foreign assistance. Putin and U.S. National Security Adviser Sandy Berger reportedly enjoy friendly relations; the Foreign Intelligence Service over the past months has worked with the CIA on “issues of international terrorism.” The FBI is cooperating with the FSB and Interior Ministry in their money-laundering investigation;
    it has offered its services in the bombing cases as well.

    Few bombing sites are destroyed as quickly as those at Ulitsa Guryanova and Kashirskoye Shosse. The Chechen theory has proved both viable and convenient for federal authorities; investigators clearly think they’ve got a lock on their suspects. Are they playing it safe and making sure no other options turn up?

  11. Snapple says:

    Meant to say that the Soviet shot the Pope–through layers of intermediaries.

    Putin is KGB. When communism was ending, he was in charge of giving out the licences for his buds to buy non-ferrous metals at internal soviet prices and sell them abroad on the open market.

    He helped these metal dealers make a lot of money.

    He helped launder money into Western firms so that it could return to Russia as “western investment.”

    There is a former CIA guy named Richard Palmer that has testified on what Putin was up to in Germany for the KGB and the mayor of Petersburg–Sobchak–in the twilight years of communism.